Inside the Nation: McDavid’s super healing knee

It’s a cloudy day in the best capital city in the best province in the best country in the best planet named Earth in the Milky Way galaxy. That means it’s time for Dustin Nielson to be live on your laptop, cell phone or television (if you broadcast Facebook to your TV). Stay tuned to @OilersnationHQ for all the updates on when Dusty is going live so you don’t miss out.

Inside the Nation is a look at the @Edmonton Oilers and Dusty’s thoughts on the team. If you want to go in spoiler-free then slid down the page and watch the video below, but if you want a brief rundown on what was talked about in the episode, then this is for you:

  • Elevator music is NO MORE
  • The monstrosity that is Connor McDavid’s injury
  • Reliving the injury

Road trip to Calgary recap

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  • Did they need to keep it quiet
  • Do you watch the AllStar skills?
  • What about the game?
  • Brandon Manning stupidity

Brandon Manning suspended by AHL after use of racial slur

  • Was it too weak of a suspension?
  • Who do you bring back for next year?

  • Thoughts on guys like Joakim Nygard, Riley Sheahan and Josh Archibald

Watch today’s episode below:


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