This throwback jersey concept by Spitzdesigns on Instagram is beautiful

Last week, we talked about the rumour around the Oilers having a fourth jersey coming to their collection for the 2020-21 season.

According to Icethetics, the fourth jersey will be a nod to the Oilers WHA days as they bring back to life a white jersey with an orange logo that the organization hasn’t seen since the 1970s. It would go along with the overarching theme the Oilers have had when it comes to leaning heavily into the use of orange in their uniforms.

Here’s what that jersey would apparently look like, along with a couple of other ideas in a similar series for Detroit and Montreal…

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As I said last week, I think we have to reserve judgement until we see these things on the ice. Jerseys always seem to look much worse as concepts than they do when they’re actually on a player skating around. It was the same deal with Edmonton’s new third jerseys this season. They were met with fairly universal disgust when leaked as a concept but then people slowly realized they’re actually really sharp when the team wore them in a game.

Anyways, beyond these WHA throwbacks, I would love to see the Oilers bring back another jersey from their past. That’s the Spawn jersey. A few days ago, Adam Spizzirri (known as @Spitzdesigns on Instagram) whipped up a re-imagination of the Spawn jersey with a new, modern, Adidas feel to them. It’s absolutely glorious.

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Personally, I’ve always loved this jersey. Maybe it’s because it’s my childhood uniform and it was the first jersey I ever owned, but I think the look is incredibly sleek. Seeing it reimagined on the sharp-looking Adidas kit rather than a big, clunky KOHO sweater makes it even better, in my mind.

Leon Draisaitl is the 2019-20 Art Ross Trophy winner

Unfortunately, I really doubt the Oilers will ever bring this jersey (or anything from the dark blue era, like the Rigger logo) back to life, but it’s fun to imagine regardless. This jersey came out when the Oilers were owned by the Edmonton Investors Group. It was designed by comic book creator Todd McFarlane, one of the minority owners at the time. Now that the organization is under different ownership, it’s hard to imagine them going back to anything from that era.

What say you, Nation? Do you want to see the Spawn jersey brought back to life? How about something else from that era, like the Rigger logo? Or are you happy with the incredibly orange direction the team has moved with their uniforms?