Real Life Podcast Episode 172 – Gretzky vs Ovechkin and the all-McDavid team

Another Thursday in self-quarantine means another episode of the Real Life Podcast is here to try and keep you entertained for an hour while also ignoring the real world if only for a moment or two. In today’s episode, the guys looked at an all-McDavid team, the Michael Jordan documentary that’s set to hit Netflix, Gretzky versus Ovechkin, and a whole lot more.

To start off today’s podcast, the guys kicked things off with a look at the new Michael Jordan documentary, The Last Dance, that will be hitting Netflix a little bit later this month. Seeing as this doc is supposed to be an all-access pass into the Chicago Bulls, the guys wondered which Oilers squad would be the most interesting to look at, provided that they’d be willing to pull the curtain back and get the real story. From the first overall picks to 2006 Cup run to the glory days in the 80s, the Oilers are a franchise with plenty of stories that everyone would LOVE to hear provided they could get the whole picture. Changing gears a little bit, the guys looked at the Gretzky versus Ovechkin NHL 20 battle that will be coming up next week as a means of raising money for some local charities. Sticking with videos games, the guys then got into a hypothetical scenario of what it would look like if you could build a roster of nothing but Connor McDavids, including having him playing in net. Would the team be able to compete? As the conversation went along, it was interesting to hear the boys change their tunes on the idea and the reasons for which may surprise you. Lastly, the guys brought back the ‘Keep it 100’ segment where they all get up on a soapbox and vent their frustrations, which made for a spicy ending to today’s podcast.

Listen to today’s podcast below:

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