Oilersnation Radio Episode 87 – Breaking down the NHL’s 24-team playoff format

Another week is in the books and that means a fresh episode of Oilersnation Radio is here to get you set for the weekend. This week, we look at the 24-team playoff format that’s been making the rounds, Edmonton’s pitch to be a hub city, and a whole lot more.


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To start off this week’s podcast, we jumped in with a look at the NHL’s proposed 24-team playoff format that’s been making the rounds this week and tried to decide whether or not it makes any sense. Seeing as there’s no perfect situation on how the NHL can make the playoffs work, it’s understandable that some folks are upset about the way this is looking so we tabled some ideas on what the league could do to improve this current idea. Changing gears, we looked at Edmonton’s bid to be a hub city and how they’ve reportedly included an entertainment package for the teams and players so we tried to come up with some other ideas that our city could include in their pitch. Next up, we got to this week’s Armchair GM Question which revolved around whether or not any players on the current Oilers roster could be in line for a buyout in the offseason. Would it make sense to add more dead cap space to the books as a means of freeing up some cash to bolster the lineup? Changing gears entirely, we looked at a recent report out of Toronto that suggested Gary Bettman wants former Oilers GM, Peter Chiarelli, back in the fold so I asked the boys whether or not they’d like to see Pistol Pete manning the ship with a rival club. Lastly, we finished up this week’s podcast with a look at some of the best and worst trades in Oilers history from a personal standpoint and how they affected us at the time. All-in-all, it was another jam-packed episode of Oilersnation Radio and one that you’ll want to get in your earholes as soon as possible.

Connor McDavid, Auston Matthews skating together ahead of 2020-21 season

Listen to this week’s podcast below:

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