Teams that lose play-in series will reportedly be in the draft lottery

A key point of contention in the NHL’s 24-team return-to-play format has seemingly been cleared up.

While there had been confusion around what would happen with draft positioning among teams who were set to play in the play-in round, apparently, all of the teams who get knocked out in that first round will be entered into the draft lottery along with the seven teams who didn’t make the playoffs. It also appears that the lottery won’t be held until after the playoffs.

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This certainly makes a lot more sense than what was originally assumed, which was that the rest of the draft order following the seven non-playoff teams would be determined by standings. Putting the teams that lose in the play-in round into the draft lottery for a higher pick adds a fair consolation for teams who get upset in these short series.

It would be pretty absurd that Chicago, who had no business being in the playoffs before the pause, advanced past the Oilers and still got a high pick in the draft. Now, at the very least, if Edmonton gets upset, they’ll get a high pick out of it.

Imagine Edmonton winning the lottery and getting to draft Alexis Lafreniere with the top pick. The internet would explode.


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