The Day After Bulletin Board: Edmonton Oilers, Winnipeg Jets react to game four

Welcome to the Bulletin Board where we take a look at what coaches and players said the day after a game. 

Edmonton Oilers

Ryan Nugent-Hopkins and Tyson Barrie

Nugent-Hopkins: “It’s disappointing at this point. We battled all night. Three overtimes, this is the third overtime game in four games. There’s not much to say except it’s tough to swallow right now.”

Nugent-Hopkins: “You don’t want to have any regrets after and you can look back now and want to change a few things, but as far as battle level we battled the whole entire series. We didn’t just lay down tonight.”

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Nugent-Hopkins: “It’s tough to watch another year go by. It’s not a lack of effort, but regardless it’s still tough to see.”

Barrie: “I thought we played a hell of a game. it was a long one and we gave everything we had. At the end of the day you don’t want to leave anything out there and I don’t think we did. we battled, Schmiddy battled, all the guys battled. It’s disappointing because we thought we had a lot of hockey left in this room. It’s a tough way to go.”

Barrie on the series: “They game came in with a gameplan and they wanted to play a really tight game, different than we played in the regular season with them. Credit to them for that. They were all overtime or the first one without the empty netters is a one-goal game a couple bounces here or there. At the end of the day it’s playoffs and you have to find a way to win. We weren’t able to do that.”

Barrie on McDavid: “He’s been our guy and again no different tonight, no different the last three nights. He’s one hell of a leader and he’s a hell of a player. It’s disappointing we couldn’t make a run this year and help him get the cup. It sucks.”

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Connor McDavid and Darnell Nurse

McDavid: “I thought we were the better team most of the night, which is frustrating. but that’s just the way it goes.”

McDavid on the difference between winning and losing vs. Winnipeg: “It’s the little mistakes, it’s just the little ones. It’s not earth-shattering stuff here. It’s a fine line. We talked about those lessons I guess we’ve learned over the years and this is another to take forward.”

McDavid: “They wanted to sit back and play a good solid defensive game. I thought our game was pretty solid defensively as well. You look back at the two games here in Winnipeg, we got leads and we don’t find ways to close them out.”

McDavid: “It’s a weird series, it’s a weird sweep for sure. It is what it is.”

McDavid: “We’re still sour. It doesn’t make it any better. We’re a group that expects more from ourselves. We want to push and continue to grow and obviously, we didn’t do that in the playoffs. We’re still sour, I don’t think anyone is going to deny that.”

Nurse: “We played hard. It sucks we’re sitting here after four games and it’s a sweep when we took three to overtime.”

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Nurse on his minutes: “It wasn’t too bad. in situations like that you want to be a part of it the whole night, you don’t want to be sitting back and watching. As crazy as it sounds, it wasn’t too much.”

Nurse: “It just shows the fine line there. A couple bounces in an eight-minute stretch. for a lot of that series we played good hockey and how we drew it up. Like connor said, it’s not like we have to re-wite the ship.”

Nurse: “It sucks sitting here right now. It sucks for all of us.”

Nurse on getting through his minutes: “You just play, you don’t think about it too much. that’s why you workout i guess. You play and adapt. I wish those minutes went towards a win and we were still playing.”

Dave Tippett

Tippett: “Every time you don’t win the last game of the year, it’s disappointing. but I thought our team took some strides this year, we were expecting more in the playoffs. It was a tight, tight series and we couldn’t find a way to get on top of it.”

Tippett: “I give our players credit, they battled hard. That’s not an easy game. We didn’t get the result we wanted last night, then you have to come in and play a back-to-back tonight. It’s disappointing we couldn’t get the win.”

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Tippett on the series and how it could affect the players: “Hopefully it pushes them to grow and get better. They know they have to take another step. We want to become a team that’s a playoff team every year. The more times you give yourselves a chance, the more time you have to be successful.”

Tippett: “I thought we took some steps this year. how we played as a team, how we defend as a team, things that have to be in place where you get to a point where your team is a top contender. You have to continue to work at that, but right now it feels a little bit hollow.”

Tippett on how he spread minutes in overtime(s): “That’s a game where both teams were just in rhythm, both playing three lines. We were playing four d. I give them credit, they left it all out there.”

Tippett on nurse: “He’s an efficient skater and an unbelievable athlete. Nursey just keeps going, he keeps working and his game doesn’t seem to drop off any. He’s a phenomenal athlete.”

Tippett: “You have to continue to work to get better. Some of these lessons are hard to learn but next time you recognize situations better. There’s things that happen in a game that the only way you can figure them out is to go through them. Unfortunately, those are some of the lessons we’re going through right now.”

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Tippett on the overtimes: “When you get into long overtimes like that, it seems like one team will get a little momentum and gets a few chances, then the other team will and it will be stagnant there. I thought we hung in there well. We turn over a puck and they ended up tying it in the third. we kept working, I felt our team was in a good rhythm and Schmiddy was making some big saves for us. It’s too bad we couldn’t get the one we needed.”

Tippett on the game-winning goal: “It’s just a puck that went down the wall and they flipped it out. I think there’s a guy there that was stuck in behind, we were trying to change. It was a break they got and they took advantage of it.”

Tippett on the reffing and penalties in overtime: “Very, very frustating. Yamamoto? Okay you call that one, but there were three or four just like that that weren’t called. That’s the frustrating part. You set a precedent in overtime, then you don’t go with it.”

Tippett: “You don’t get the result you want and it’s hard to break it down into one play when it’s a number of things you could’ve done to give a better chance to win. That being said, there’s times I thought we played very well in this series and didn’t get rewarded for it.”

Tippett: “If you look at it they had six games where they didn’t beat us. The extended luck turned around on us.”

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Winnipeg Jets

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