The Annual Lake Louise Pond Hockey Classic

If you’ve ever wanted to see the crew at Nation HQ ‘play the game’ then this is your opportunity. Next month, we’ll be heading out to Lake Louise to join in on the Annual Lake Louise Pond Hockey Classic and you’re all invited to join us.


Rowdy in Vegas?

Over at the Edmonton Journal, they posted a scathing letter about Oilers fans getting out of hand in Las Vegas over the weekend. Is it fair to lump all Oilers fans in together on this? Let’s take a look.


No concussion for Ryan Nugent-Hopkins

The Oilers got some good news today as Ryan Rishaug revealed that Ryan Nugent-Hopkins did not suffer a concussion on Saturday night in Vegas, but rather some bruising that should clear up by the end of this week.


Monday Mailbag – Slepyshev on the block

Greetings, Nation compadres! It’s Mailbag time again and that means that I’ve taken your questions and sent them off to our panel of geniuses to assess and pass along some wisdom that you’ll be able to carry forward with you for the rest of your days. As always, I need your questions for next week, so open up…


Happy Birthday, Connor!

Connor, with today being your 21st birthday, I wanted to send my best wishes to you and hope that you have enough energy to party after carrying this franchise on your back. 


Maroon on the move?

Hockey super insider, Elliotte Friedman, appeared on Sportsnet 960 in Calgary this morning and was asked what kind of moves that are likely to come for the Oilers after what has been a disastrous season.