Chiarelli talks Oilers struggles and #GeneralDisappointment

Over at ESPN, Greg Wyshynski transcribed a quick scrum with Peter Chiarelli where he describes feeling disappointed in the Oilers’ season so far. While he didn’t get too specific about what’s gone wrong, he did help spawn a new hashtag for us that will live on for as long as the Oilers are struggling. Ladies…


Zack Kassian’s on ice trash talk is savage

If you’re a fan of on ice shenanigans and trash talking, then you’ll enjoy the tasty little nugget about Zack Kassian that dropped on the Spittin’ Chiclets podcast this week. I will say, though, if you’re easily triggered by grown ass men being mean to each other then you probably should be here. Don’t say I…


Game Day Hits: Blues at Oilers

After pumping the Golden Knights for eight goals on Tuesday night, the Edmonton Oilers will look for a repeat performance against the St. Louis Blues.


The Year of Nuge

With the Year of Nuge in full swing, and success flowing his way like the river of dreams, I’m going to take every opportunity I can to pump his tires and make you all realize how good this kid is. I’ve had to defend my boy at every turn, and I have to admit how…


Trending Topics: Blaming Klefbom for the power play?

It’s funny how people see the games differently. I don’t think anyone would argue that Klefbom is having a great year (and they need him to get better), but I also think it’s unfair to blame him for the Oilers early-season struggles either. 


Monday Mailbag – RNH playing himself out of trade talks?

My friends, it’s that time of the week where we all gather round as a Nation and learn a little something about hockey and life. As always, I’ve sent your Oilers (or unrelated) questions to our panel of wise men and waited for the pearls of wisdom to get spit out. If you have a question…


What is wrong with the penalty kill

The Edmonton Oilers played well enough to win, or at the very least, get a point out of today’s hockey game with the Rangers. Unfortunately, the Oilers are having a real problem with their penalty kill and it’s costing them hockey games. 


A room full of winners

After the Oilers won last night’s game against the Devils they ran into another winner in the form of Georges St. Pierre.