UFA Profile: Don’t fall into the JVR trap

Every single year there’s a free agent on the open market that signs a contract that everybody, even the team that signs it, is going to be an albatross sooner rather than later. Generally speaking, you’re signing a guy to push you over the top in the short-term and sweeping under the rug how that’ll…


Joel Persson will play in Sweden next year

The Edmonton Oilers officially announced that they’ve signed defenceman Joel Persson to a one-year contract. That said, he won’t be joining the team in North America next season. Instead, the Swedish defender will continue to play for the Växjö Lakers of the SHL.


WWYDW: What should a package of Klefbom + 10th get in return?

Earlier today, Ryan Rishaug dropped an absolutely horrifying prospect on Oilers fans. He suggested that the Oilers were going hard for a big name player and then proceeded to give the example of Rasmus Ristolainen as the target. Okay, sure. That’s all fine and dandy. Ristolainen can produce offence, quarterback a power play, and he’s…


WATCH: Connor McDavid’s crazy OT goal

Team Canada had a serious case of the Kristers Gudlevskis today at the World Hockey Championships and it resulted in them having to go to overtime against Team Latvia. Thankfully for Canada, Connor McDavid stepped up and scored a ridiculous overtime goal to save the team from a potential national embarrassment.


Hurricanes reached out to Scott Howson

Elliotte Friedman came out with his 31 Thoughts feature today and he discussed a couple of tidbits that might be of interest to fans of the Edmonton Oilers. One of them was in regards to vice-president of player development Scott Howson.


WWYDW: How hard would you go to acquire Erik Karlsson?

Imagine a team with Connor McDavid and Erik Karlsson. Just think about it. Seriously, it might take a few moments to clear your mind and allow yourself to visualize it because it seems so far-fetched, but once you’re there, it’s borderline erotic.


Oilers won’t be at Young Stars in Penticton

Earlier today, Rick Dhaliwal of NEWS 1130 and Sportsnet 650 in Vancouver reported that only the Vancouver Canucks and Winnipeg Jets will be participating at the Young Stars Classic in Penticton, British Columbia. The Oilers and Flames, who had been present in the showcase the previous few years, weren’t listed.


WWYDW: The first-round pick

The Oilers didn’t win the draft lottery. Hell is freezing over! We’ve talked about it before, but now that we know exactly where the Oilers will be picking come draft day in June, it’s time to bring it up again. What should the Oilers do with the 10th overall pick?