GM SEARCH: Pros and Cons

As Bob Nicholson continues one of the longest GM searches in the NHL history I decided to take a look at the pros and cons for a manager in the mix for the Oilers gig.


The Nuge Abides

Nobody on the Oilers has been through what Ryan Nugent-Hopkins has been through. There is a reason everyone loves The Nuge, he’s a survivor. As the longest-serving player in the most dysfunctional franchise in the league Nugent-Hopkins has seen some serious shit over the first eight years of his NHL career.


MOCK DRAFT 1.0 – Post Lottery Edition

Things didn’t go the way the Oilers had hoped on Tuesday night but their options with the 8th overall pick are wide open. Over the next two months, I’ll certainly take a look at moving up, moving down and trading the pick entirely but along the way, you will also get a number of Mock…


Lottery Day Top Ten

Welcome to Lottery Day, everyone! It’s time for a quick reminder about what’s on the line tonight with my Lottery Day Top Ten Prospects. I don’t have a huge stable of prospect insiders at my disposal but I do have a handful of scouts from both NHL teams and independent services that haven’t learned to…


Nicholson, the biggest issue

It’s safe to say that Bob Nicholson would like to forget Thursday ever happened. Nicholson was picked apart online after saying that the Oilers would probably be in the playoffs if Tobias Rieder had scored 10 to 12 goals. It was a ridiculous thing to say and Nicholson quickly went into damage control mode.


Winging It

During meetings with season tickets holders this week Bob Nicholson discussed a few of the major needs the team will have heading into the off-season. In addition to trying to find a top pairing defenseman he mentioned the team would like to sign one or two wingers.


The Good, Bad & Ugly: Keith Gretzky Edition

Keith Gretzky has become a very polarizing candidate as the Oilers continue to search for their next General Manager. We have seen a few members of the local media throw their support behind Gretzky as a candidate while members of the Oilers fan base appear to be leaning the opposite way. I’m going to attempt…


Ride the Lightning

On Monday, we learned of six men who are still in the mix to be the next GM of the Oilers. Earlier in the week, I took a look at what Kelly McCrimmon, Sean Burke, Mike Futa, Keith Gretzky, Dave Nonis and Mark Hunter may be able to offer the Oilers.


The Six Pack

As current NHL General Managers, and Bob Nicholson, gather in Boca Raton we are starting to get an idea of where the Oilers may be heading in their search for a new GM. It was reported by TSN’s Darren Dreger on Monday that Nicholson has a list with close to 10 names on it. The…