Landing Spots for Chiasson

We don’t need to discuss the options open to the Oilers when it comes to Alex Chiasson. Tyler Yaremchuk did that earlier this week. I’m going to take a look at who the Oilers might have to end up working with if they decide the trade route is the best way to go for Chiasson….


Cold Hard Truth

Sorry to be a buzz the kill the morning after a win over the first place Islanders, but let’s be honest: it was a win that left the Oilers second last in the Western Conference and still six points out of a playoff spot. Anyone who talks about being this team being in the mix…


What’s Next?

Oilers interim General Manager Keith Gretzky has started to clean up the mess created by Peter Chiarelli and, to be fair, everyone else still employed by the team including Gretzky himself. He’s done a decent job so far moving Spooner and Talbot for two warm bodies but the expectations have been set so low that…


Everything. Is. Happening.

To quote the legendary Bob Cole. Everything. Is. Happening. From a content perspective, the Edmonton Oilers are the gift that keeps on giving. It’s been a busy 48 hours the organization, here’s my best attempt at breaking it all down.


The end is near

Ken Hitchcock is extremely frustrated with what he’s seeing from the Oilers right now but his feelings likely pale in comparison to what fans are dealing with yet again. Only the most optimistic of people would truly believe the Oilers could still make a run to the post-season if you are one of them, good…


Worst. Race. Ever.

I’ve seen teams suck before but the teams involved in the wild card race this year are the suckiest bunch of sucks that ever sucked…and that’s great news for the Edmonton Oilers!! How crazy is it that while many people in Edmonton are suggesting the Oilers make their second coaching change of the season, the…


Mid-Season Top Ten Prospects

As the current Oilers get set to return to the ice this weekend in Philadelphia it’s time to take a look at how the future of the organization is stacking up. After chatting with a few sources I’ve put together the Oilers top ten prospects as of January 2019. The group continues to trend in…


Fits the Bill?

A number of names have popped up in the early stages of the Oilers search for their next General Manager. One of the names I find intriguing for a couple of different reasons is former Oiler Bill Guerin. There are a lot of questions one can ask when it comes to the former power forward….


NIELSON RANKINGS: Battle of Alberta

The Battle of Alberta always matters but right now it REALLY MATTERS. We’ve got the Flames fighting for top spot in the division while the Oilers are engaged in a heated battle for a playoff birth. This weekends Battle of Alberta will feature a lot of star power on both sides of the puck surrounded…


Breaking down the bait

As Peter Chiarelli and his staff continue their full-court press I’ve decided to take a look at the top 20 pieces in play and if they would be a fit in Edmonton. I’m going to whip through the most recent edition of the TSN Trade Bait Board. There are three Oilers assets on the board….


The worst of Chiarelli

As Peter Chiarelli and his staff search for scoring around the National Hockey League, I can’t help but shake my head. How does the organization still have enough faith Chiarelli to allow him to make a significant deal?