22 points for Lucic?

It’s my favourite time of the year, point prediction season. I’m a junkie. If I could roll up the Hockey News Ultimate Pool Guide and smoke it, I would. If there was a way to snort the Sports Forecaster I’d be high every single day. I will buy every magazine on the shelf and any…


Hot Takes – August Edition

Dishing out another round of Hot Takes at the tail end of a heat wave just seems right. Here are a few scalding hot opinions to keep you warm on a rather cool Sunday.


The Fringe Five

With my 20 in 20 Line Combination Extravaganza now behind us it’s time to deal with the logical next step. From what I can gather 22 spots on the Oilers 17-18 roster are pretty much already spoken for.


20 in 20: A Line Combination Extravaganza (PART FOUR)

This is it, the final piece in my Line Combination Extravaganza. Now I know what Robert Zemeckis and Bob Gale felt like as they put the finishing touches on Back to the Future III. I actually really liked the third installment of Back To The Future, not as much as I enjoyed Indiana Jones and…


Pontus Aberg Stuck In No Man’s Land

For a player (more specifically, a winger) looking to establish himself as a legitimate NHL regular, there may not be a better opportunity anywhere in the league than here in Edmonton. Enter, Pontus Aberg. There is a glorious opportunity sitting right in front of Aberg. He’s a member of one of the thinnest groups of…


20 in 20: A Line Combination Extravaganza (PART 2)

The off-season line combination extravaganza continues! If you missed part one of the extravaganza I highly recommend you go back and check out the first five line combos I suggested last week. After going through the first five formations I’ve come to the conclusion that outside of Connor McDavid you can pretty much toss anyone…


PTO The Way To Go

As everyone waits with bated breath to see what the number is going to be on a Darnell Nurse deal I’m going to take a look at what happens once that deal is in place. Most people still think the Oilers will sign another depth forward, likely to a league minimum deal, prior to training…


20 in 20: A Line Combination Extravaganza

So when you hop online looking for your Oilers fix in late July what are you hoping to find? Don’t worry, I know what you need. I have what you need. Over the next 20 days, I will dish out 20 possible line combinations for the Oilers when they drop the puck at the beginning…


Who’s the Trigger Man?

Let’s just cut to the chase. The Oilers power-play suck last season. I mean I’ve seen power-plays suck before but they were the suckiest bunch of sucks that ever sucked. When you have access to the best player in the world and finish with a power-play efficiency of 14.8% you should be embarrassed.


Hot Takes – July Edition

There’s nothing better than putting together a post-draft/free agency instalment of Hot Takes. Enjoy, or don’t. As a special treat this month I’ve included one Back To The Future quote in this article, first person to find it wins nothing.


Good News/Bad News

On the surface, the Tobias Rieder signing is nothing but good news for the Oilers. Peter Chiarelli found a player who fits his team’s needs, a player he now has under control, for a very reasonable price. As Chiarelli noted on Sunday Rieder can play both wings, providing Todd McLellan with even more line-up flexibility. …