Time for Yamo to go?

Is it time for Yamamoto to head down to Bakersfield?  Yup!  It’s what’s best for the player; it’s what’s best for the team right now. Yamamoto hasn’t looked completely out of place but I also think he doesn’t look like a guy who 100% belongs in the NHL. He’s a tweener right now and that’s…


Fearsome Threesomes…

You would be hard pressed to find a more difficult schedule than what is on the way for the Oilers in the month of October. The terror begins in Winnipeg against a high-powered Jets squad with one of the best top six groups in the entire league. Then it’s a steady diet of Cup contenders…


The First Solution

A win against the New York Rangers on Saturday afternoon was much needed for the Oilers but with a slow start to the season the heat has definitely been cranked up. The major issue here for the Oilers is that their schedule doesn’t have a soft spot that allows them to catch their breath.


The Great, the Good, the Bad & the Ugly

Not very often do you get an opportunity to spend a couple of days digesting the first game of any regular season. We have had the opportunity to do just that following the Oilers 5-2 loss to the Devils. For years I’ve been frustrated by the lack of positivity in any Good, Bad & Ugly…


This, That, and the Other

With pucks dropping all around the National Hockey League I have a number of random thoughts on both the Oilers and the rest of the league flying around in my head right now.


A Somewhat Accurate Pacific Division Preview

For years I’ve put together Pacific Division previews and basically just shared them with family and friends. This year, thanks to the folks here at Oilers Nation, I get to share my Pacific predictions with all of you lucky individuals.


The Stock Market

As the Oilers close in on the end of the pre-season it’s time to take a look at which forwards have helped their stock and which ones haven’t.


Hot Takes – September Edition

We are smack dab in the middle of the pre-season, so what better time to spit out a few new hot takes? We’ll start with some Oilers takes and then expand around the rest of the league in an attempt to fire up as many people as possible.


A Double McDip

One of the main reasons the Oilers struggled last season was because their power play was essentially a power outage.


Pacific Division Top 20 (10-1)

In part one of the Pacific Division Top 20, I may have jinxed the entire division by saying it is the weakest in the league when it comes to top end talent. Hello Erik Karlsson. I had put together my top ten prior to the Sharks snagging Erik Karlsson so it’s your lucky day, 11…


A Chance for Chiasson

What’s the number one reason a player agrees to a PTO in Edmonton right now? It’s not because they’ll have a chance to live in the Ice District. It’s not because our city has a huge donair loving community. It’s not because the organization has its act together, far from it. Heck, it’s not even…


Pacific Division Top 20 (20-11)

With another season just around the corner, it’s time to take a look at where the power lies within the Pacific Division.  I’m going to rank the top 20 players in the division heading into the 2018-19 season based on a combination of what they did last year and what I think they are capable…