The Fall and Rise(?) of Milan Lucic

Milan Lucic now sits with five points and no goals in 2018. Taylor Hall, meanwhile, has the entire league thinking “Hart” as they admire his cannonball style and 25-game point scoring streak.


The Oilers and Moral Victories

In light of the Oilers’ too-rare three-game win streak (against the Pacific Division no less, the guys that we’re built to beat, wahoooo!), I thought it would be fun to look at one of our other favourite types of victories over the last many years: the moral victory.


The Oilers and early goals: The bad, the bad, and the ugly

Heading into San Jose on February 10th, the Oilers knew a few things: After two losses in Disneywood, the Oilers needed a win. Given these are the teams the Oilers are chasing for an unlikely post-season spot, they had to salvage at least a few points to keep the California trip from being an utter…