Nail Yakupov and The Puck

Ever since Nail Yakupov was projected to go first overall at the 2012 NHL Entry Draft, he was a media darling. He with candid and well-spoken with Russian media and tried his best to do the same for North American media with the little command of English language he had. And he succeeded. Think of…


Nail Yakupov’s KHL Adventure

Editor’s note: Oilers Nation’s Andrey Osadchenko recently caught up with Nail Yakupov. After the jump, Yakupov talks about his trouble transferring to Russia, challenges fans to come play in the KHL, talks about playing hockey again, and explains that "big ol’ dive" he took the other day.


What’s the deal with Nail?

Remember a few days ago Nail Yakupov was reported to make his KHL debut this Wednesday? Well, it never happened. The IIHF isn’t willing to give a nod to the former Sarnia Sting forward to play for his hometown team. Neftekhimik’s GM, Rafik Yakubov, is understandably infuriated with the fact and openly blames OHL club…


The KHL: Who were they trying to ban?

Zack Stortini (5of7/Wikimedia/CC BY-SA 2.0) When the possibility of a lockout was still uncertain, KHL was looked at as the haven players would go to if all goes to hell. NHL’s nemesis took its time before announcing special criteria for foreign players willing to cross the Atlantic for a lockout shelter. You would assume KHL…


Nail Yakupov: An Oiler, even in Russia

The whole story is in these two Nail Yakupov tweets, really. A few days after Yakupov landed in Russia, he said in his own language ‘My beloved Neftekhimik Nizhnekamsk’. Then he added a smiley face and an exclamation mark. Oh, Russians and their smiley faces…

Daniil Zharkov, Take Two

Funny how news work around the globe. Daniil Zharkov’s post-draft press-conference didn’t have nearly as much of an impact in North America as it did in Russia. Major sports websites in the country mistranslated his words so that in the Russian media Zharkov appeared to be saying ‘Russian hockey is not for me. I feel…


Daniil Zharkov: In his own words

Late in the third round the Oilers used their fourth pick to draft a Russian winger from Belleville Bulls – Daniil Zharkov. Given the fact he was ranked pretty high in pre-draft rankings, you may consider him a steal, especially if you get familiarized with the story of his life.