Oil Kings get in on deadline frenzy

No one was safe at this years WHL trade deadline. We saw stars like Jake Bean, Kale Clague, Tanner Kaspick and Stuart Skinner all moved in or around the league’s deadline, plus there was a flurry of other moves.


Regrouping not rebuilding

At this point in the season, the odds of the Oilers winning the draft lottery are better than the chances that they turn this thing around and crawl into a playoff spot. If you’re an Oilers fan, reading that sentence probably filled you with some heartbreaking combination of anger and agony, I know that because…


WJC Gold Medal Preview: Canada vs Sweden

It’s game seven for Canada at the 2017 World Junior Championships as they’ll face Sweden for the gold medal. For the Canadians, it’s the last hurdle they’ll need to clear if they want to avenge last year’s heartbreaking defeat and as you would expect, their opponent will be their toughest test yet.


WJC Quarter-final Preview: Canada vs Czech Republic

Following an 8-2 dismantling of Team Switzerland, which even Swiss Head Coach Christian Wohlwend kind of predicted before the game even started, Canada will now shift their focus to the semi-finals as they continue their hunt for a World Junior gold medal.


WJC Quarterfinal Preview: Canada vs Switzerland

Obviously, every team at the World Juniors would love to run the table and go 7-0, but sometimes a little adversity can help fuel a team to a gold medal. The outdoor loss to the USA on December 29th served as a reminder to Team Canada that no matter how fragile the opposition appears to…


WJC Game Day Preview: Canada vs Denmark

While the loss to the Americans at the outdoor game is disappointing, it’s not detrimental to their chances of finishing first in their group. In fact, it doesn’t affect it at all really. Yes, it would have been nice to clinch yesterday with a win over their rivals, but all Team Canada has to do…


WJC Game Day Preview: Canada vs USA

Unpredictability is what makes the World Junior Championships as great as they are and last night, we got one of the greatest round-robin upsets in the tournament’s history. Just 24 hours after getting crushed by Canada, Slovakia turns around and defeats the host Americans in regulation and turns the group on its head.


WJC Game Day Preview: Canada vs Slovakia

Canada wasn’t perfect in their opening match against Finland, but they got the job done. In some ways, showing flaws early in the tournament is a good thing because it allows you to address your problems before the knockout stage.


Team Canada World Junior Preview

With just one gold in the last eight years and only five medals over that span, it’s safe to say that the days of Canada being a World Junior powerhouse are over. However, with the tournament being in Buffalo, history says that we should expect Canada to go home with some sort of medal, just…


Oilers at the World Juniors

There is no stage bigger than the World Junior Championships for a prospect to make an impact. Whether they’re looking to boost their draft stock or looking to make a positive impression on the NHL team that has invested in them, there’s a lot on the line for the teenagers that will be competing at…