Key to the Highway

Based on reports Leon Draisaitl may return to the lineup as early as Saturday. Todd McLellan’s shuffle appears to have possibly hit on a second line (Milan Lucic, Ryan Nugent-Hopkin and Ryan Strome) and allows the coach to move Draisaitl back to the top line—at least in theory. Drake Caggiula may also return this week, but…


WWYDW: Hit the panic button or walk away from the ledge?

Have you heard? The Oilers are four games into the season and they only have one win. They’re nearly at the bottom of the NHL’s standings, sitting in 30th place ahead of only the hapless Buffalo Sabres. I thought the Decade of Darkness was over?! That brings us to this week’s what would you do Wednesday question….


Major mistakes are costing Oilers

It is difficult to win in the NHL at the best of times, but it is almost impossible to win when you continually gift wrap glorious scoring chances for your opponents. Right now the Oilers are their own worst enemy. The Oilers aren’t losing due to a lack of talent. They have enough skill to…


The sky is falling vol. 15035

There is always one person on the rollercoaster that gets to the end of the ride and says, “That’s all there is?” For as long as there have been ups there have been downs and there are always people who are going to bitch and complain right to a Stanley Cup win, then immediately start…


What’s Wrong with the Oilers?

Two weeks in and things haven’t gone as planned for the Edmonton Oilers. While many pegged them as a Stanley Cup contender, they’ve stumbled after their shutout win against Calgary on opening night. What’s concerning about the Oilers and how much should fans worry? Is this just a slow start or a result of a…


Calm Down Already

Alright, things aren’t good right now. I think it’s fair to say this start is concerning to everyone, even the really optimistic people. That said, we can afford to acknowledge the issues without scrambling for the ejector seat button. There are reasons to believe the team will push through this skid.


McDavid can get faster, so says his skating coach

Over at the Hockey News, Ken Campbell spoke to Connor McDavid’s skating coach, Joe Quinn, who’s been working with Connor since he was in the sixth grade. In the interview, Quinn talks about McDavid being able to get even faster than he already is and having “lots of room to improve.” Let’s break it down.


Oilers: WTFundamentals

Every Edmonton Oilers player admitted their effort wasn’t good enough in losses to Vancouver and Winnipeg. The Oilers worked harder versus Ottawa, but their fundamentals were almost non-existent. Passing, shooting, reading the play, supporting the puck — the Oilers did this very well in game one versus Calgary, but on Saturday at home to Ottawa they…


Monday Mailbag – McLellan’s Biggest Challenge

If you’re reading during the daylight then there’s a good chance that you’re using this mailbag as a way to kill some company time, and for that I thank you. This week we take a look at Todd McLellan’s challenges, defensive pairings, early season surprises, and more. If you have a question, and I’m always…


The Way I See It

When you have a fan base as passionate as the Edmonton Oilers do, overreaction comes as part of the deal. It’s no surprise then, with the Oilers off to a 1-3 start after getting waxed in Saturday’s 6-1 loss to the Ottawa Senators at Rogers Place, some of the same people who picked the Oilers…


That’s Entertainment

I still enjoy watching a good hockey fight. Despite having all kinds of reasons, most by way of first-hand experience, to know bare-knuckle brawling isn’t great for the brain or the long-term health of the person that brain belongs to, I’ve never once turned away when the leather hits the ice and punches start to…