GDB 74.0: SpOiler Role (7pm MT, SN1)

Stop me if you’ve read this before. The Oilers are once again in the unenviable position to play Spoiler. In case you’ve forgotten, you likely read about it here, or many other places over the past decade. I won’t get into the painful details of how they got here, and in fact, after reading the…


Game Notes: Playing out the Season and Trade Talk

When you are out of the playoff race players look for different things to motivate them. I don’t buy into the play-without-pressure theory and how it is easier to play games when there is nothing on the line.  Opposing players and coaches have said this for years, only because they don’t want to say the…


Blues 7, Oilers 2: The towel has officially been thrown in

While it isn’t technically over, last night’s miserable showing against the St. Louis Blues was the unofficial end to the Oilers’ season. The Oilers got completely slammed over the course of 60 minutes by a good team driving in playoff mode. This team just isn’t good enough.


One Minute Men – Oilers vs Blues (March 19, 2019)

We’re back! After a long trip to Vegas, we are tired and a little blue from losses and hangovers. What better way to pick up where we left off than a classic song about the team we are playing. See if Cam and I can read the notes in under a minute. Also, good luck…


GDB 73.0: Reduce the Risk (6pm MT, SN1)

Some idioms are more popular than others. There are the often used “hit the hay,” or “kill two birds with one stone.” I’ve found males like to use them more often, specifically fathers. I guarantee you can quote a saying or idiom your father used throughout your childhood and into your adult life. You likely…


GDB Game Notes: Koskinen

Mikko Koskinen has allowed some goals on his glove hand side. Some have looked stoppable, no question, but he’s also made many great saves, and while he isn’t Andrei Vasilevskiy, he isn’t near the bottom of the NHL goalie tree either. He is pretty much right around average. Ideally, he will need to improve his…


Oilers Prospect Update: Playoffs are coming

The other Oilers are heading towards playoffs. The statistical break down is below, but first, let’s see some news from around ON this week: Joey is called up Dusty loves Dmitiri Praise for Marody Let’s have a look at the rest of the system. BAKERSFIELD CONDORS (AHL) C Joseph Gambardella 48gp, 27-18-45 (1gp, 0-1-1 this…


GDB 72.0 Wrap Up: Kosk-and-in, Oilers lose 6-3 in Vegas

I love watching the Vegas Golden Knights. They are one of the best stories in sports the past couple years and should be talked about way more. This is an expansion team and they’ve been much better than the Edmonton Oilers who have been rebuilding for, well, ever. Maybe we’re seeing future Oilers GM Kelly…


GDB Game Notes: Oilers @ Golden Knights

Viva Las Vegas! After a gritty 3-2 overtime win in Arizona last night, the Oilers will finish off their back-to-back in the desert with a date with the Golden Knights. Here are your game day notes.