Oil Kings Update: Edmonton gets hot after deadline moves

I wasn’t expecting  Oil Kings GM Kirt Hill to be terribly busy at this year’s trade deadline. I knew he was going to move one of his three goalies, and apart from that, I didn’t expect anything else to happen. That’s why, like a lot of people around the team, I was surprised when a…


No Oilers in Top-50 Prospects List

The Oilers don’t have any noteworthy prospects. Well, according to Craig Button, at least. TSN released Button’s Top-50 prospect rankings on Tuesday and no Oiler made the list.


GDB 46.0: Going the Wrong Way (7pm MST, SNW)

One of my favourite movies scenes of all-time was in Planes, Trains and Automobiles. Del Griffith (John Candy) is driving while Neal Page (Steve Martin) is sleeping in the passenger seat. Page wakes up when Griffith starts honking his horn as a car on the highway is trying to get their attention. Page rolls down…


GDB Game Notes Sabres @ Oilers: Can They Improve?

Last week I was speaking with a client. Her husband is a die-hard Oilers fan and she said, “It is hard being the spouse of an Oilers fan. His mood changes depending on how they are doing and lately he seems more frustrated than ever,” she said. I spoke to a few of my friends…


GDB 45.0: Must Win Territory (8pm MST, CBC)

Welcome, welcome, welcome to yet another Hockey Night in Canada edition of the GDB as we get ourselves set for the Edmonton Oilers to take on the Arizona Coyotes. Will the Oilers be able to turn Thursday’s win into another? We’re only a few short hours from finding out. 


GDB Game Notes: Coyotes @ Oilers

The Arizona Coyotes, who are in the middle of a trip through Western Canada, will be in Edmonton tonight for a game with the Oilers. Here are your game day notes.