Better Lait Than Never: Are the Oilers basically done with their roster?

9 months ago
It wouldn’t be Wednesday without your ol’ chum, Baggedmilk, popping up in your phone with a fresh episode of Better Lait Than Never, would it? Of course not.
Kicking off this week’s podcast, I got started with a quick recap from the Nation staff night we had at the Riverhawks game on Friday, and specifically how it’s so much fun to work with a group of people that also enjoys hanging out together. From the shenanigans in our suite to Tyler getting folks fired up on the big screen, we had a blast as a team and I wanted to give a shout out to all of the staff at Nation HQ for making it so much fun. I then talked about tomorrow’s homerun derby that we’ll be having at RE/MAX Field. I know that bit is a Real Life thing, but I’m so excited about spending my morning at the ballpark that I had to talk about it for a few minutes.
Getting back to the Oilers, I spent some time on the Ryan McLeod contract situation as he’s now only a couple of weeks away from his arbitration date. While I still think both sides will be able to get something done before then, it is slightly worrisome that we don’t yet have any clarity on what the Oilers’ cap situation might look like heading into next season. With a lack of cap space in mind, I wondered if Ken Holland is done tinkering with the roster not because he wants to be but rather because he literally cannot spend anything else. Lastly, I wrapped up the episode with a fresh round of voicemails to get your take on the BLTN presidential election and what’s been going on over the last week. Oh, and subscribe to my YouTube channel.
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