Better Lait Than Never: Celebrating Clinchmas, Ryan Nugent-Hopkins’ chases 100, and Leon Draisaitl

10 months ago
It’s Wednesday afternoon and that means I’ve got a fresh episode of Better Lait Than Never set and ready to guide you through what’s left of the week. In this week’s episode, I looked at Ryan Nugent-Hopkins being one point away from 100, Leon Draisaitl at 50 goals again, and celebrated Clinchmas for the fourth straight season.
To kick off this week’s episode of BLTN, I got started with a quick Clinchmas celebration after the Oilers locked into their playoff spot last weekend against the Anaheim Ducks. Not only was that game a lot of fun to watch in person, but it was also the kind of performance you’d want to see from the Oilers against a team that poor. As a result, I actually expect the Ducks to push back a little bit harder in tonight’s rematch, but at the same time, the result should still be the same even if the spread isn’t six goals. Sticking with Saturday night, I also spent a few minutes talking about Leon Draisaitl reaching the 50-goal mark for the third time and how I happily threw one of my favourite hats to mark the occasion. Sticking with milestones, I then talked about how Ryan Nugent-Hopkins is only a single point away from the century mark and how I don’t think I’ve ever been this excited about watching someone get there. Yeah, we’ve watched Connor and Leon hit 100 points a few times each now, but to have Nuge do it too? C’mon. I also wanted to give some love to both Stuart Skinner and Jack Campbell for picking up back-to-back shutouts against the Kings and Ducks respectively, giving the team its first two bagels of the season. Lastly, I wrapped up the episode with another round of voicemails to get your take on what’s been going on over the last week.
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