Better Lait Than Never: Checking in from Toronto with Frank Seravalli

Photo credit:Tom Kostiuk
5 months ago
We made it to Toronto for the NHL All-Star weekend and there is a lot going on, which meant the perfect time to record an on-location episode of Better Lait Than Never.
Kicking off the podcast, we got started with a quick recap of what we’re doing here and how cool it is that TNN has is broadcasting live shows from the Royal York. With two full days of live programming going on from across the network, it’s almost unbelievable how the company has grown over the last few years.
Over and above the content we’re making, it’s always good to get the team together. Since many of us don’t see each other all that much because of geography, it’s a good time to get the band together and spend some time in the same room.
Turning the podcast back to hockey, we looked at the Elias Lindholm trade that shook things up last night and how the Canucks are pushing their chips in for a deep run. Now that the Canucks have made their big move, do the Oilers need to do something comparable to keep up?
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