Better Lait Than Never Ep. 37 – Kailer Yamamoto contract reaction

1 year ago
I literally just talked about how this was going to happen, and since I hadn’t even left my laptop yet I figured I would do an instant reaction to the Kailer Yamamoto contract.
How dare I come at you with two episodes of Better Lait Than Never in the span of an hour? That’s right, more me! I mean, how could I not record a quick instant reaction episode considering I had just finished posting a podcast ABOUT KAILER YAMAMOTO when the Oilers announced his two-year contract extension? It’s ridiculous how unlucky that timing was. Normally, I wouldn’t even have started recording this early in the day but that’s the way she goes sometimes, eh? Meh. Here’s more free content for you anyway, and you should like and subscribe or else I’ll post the episodes twice. You’ve been warned.
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