Better Lait Than Never Ep. 7 – Jay Woodcroft has the Oilers rolling… I think… maybe

2 years ago
In this week’s episode of Better Lait Than Never, I jumped in with another solo show to break down what has been a very solid week for the Edmonton Oilers as the team seems to be responding well to the new coaching staff. What we don’t know, however, is how long this rebound will last and whether we should be expecting these improvements on a nightly basis?
To kick things off, I jumped in with a look at the vibes around the Oilers over the past week and how it seems like basically everyone that follows this team is feeling better about things now that Jay Woodcroft is here. Can a new coach really turn things around in less than a week? Can he maintain the levels of positivity that we’ve seen from him? From there I looked at the first three games of the Woodcroft era and offered my takes on what seems to be going well, what still needs to be improved, and where I think we go from here as the schedule remains tough. Even though the Oilers are cruising right now, we all know that sports is a cruel business and the only way to keep the vibes good is to keep winning, and that will be a challenge for Jay Woodcroft and his staff as we get into crunch time. Lastly, I wrapped up today’s podcast with another round of voicemails that you’ve all been leaving over the last week or so, and once again, you all came through in a big way.
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