Better Lait Than Never: Nick Alberga stops by to talk hockey, new media, and what’s up with Jack Campbell

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1 year ago
It’s Wednesday and that can only mean two things: Cheap chicken wings and a new episode of Better Lait Than Never! This week, we’re talking about the Oilers’ most recent run of inconsistency, Jay Woodcroft coming in the crosshairs, and I welcomed Nick Alberga to talk about everything from fantasy hockey to baseball to what’s happening with Jack Campbell.
To kick off this week’s episode of BLTN, I got started with a look at the Christmas season and specifically what is the worst part of this time of year. Next week, we’ll do the best parts of the Christmas season, but we always get our veggies out the way first, and as always, you fine folks had the funniest answers. Turning the podcast back to the Oilers, I gave my take on how shocked I am to see some Oilers fans turning on Jay Woodcroft already. Whether it’s his line combinations or that he benched your personal favourite player, it’s been interesting and surprising to watch the knives come out only a few months removed from the guy taking us to the Western Conference Final. Do I get it? Not even a little bit. I also walked through what has been another rough week for the Oilers as the team continues to struggle with consistency. From there, I welcomed Nick Alberga to the podcast to talk about what it’s been like to join The Nation Network after years of working in traditional media. Are we too relaxed? Does he need more structure? An avid hockey fan and longtime Toronto media member, I also asked Nick about our boy Jack Campbell and whether or not we should also be expecting this kind of emotional rollercoaster with the guy when he’s not playing well. As you’ll hear, Nick did not pull any punches in his answer. Wrapping up the interview, Nick and I looked around the NHL at some of the more interesting storylines that are not getting enough play right now, including the wild run the Seattle Kraken are on and how they’re looking too much like early Vegas for my liking. Lastly, I wrapped up the episode with another round of voicemails to get your take on what’s been going on over the last week in your life.
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