Better Lait Than Never: Oilers + Stanley Cup Final = OMFG

Better Lait Than Never Podcast Oilers
10 days ago
We’re only days away from the Oilers beginning their quest for the Stanley Cup in the finals, and this off-week has given me all kinds of time to think about the ride it’s been just to get here. This season has been one for the books, I’ll tell you that much.
To kick off the podcast, I started by telling my version of the story of how the Western Conference Final ended. Obviously, we know the Oilers wrapped up the series in six games, but from my perspective, after 16 years of working at Oilersnation, the whole thing felt like a fever dream. Even though my eyeballs were telling me what was going on, it was almost like my brain couldn’t comprehend the information it was being fed. After so many years of covering horrible teams, having the Oilers make the SCF feels like we’ve already won, even though the job is nowhere close to finished, and there’s plenty of work left to do.
Turning back to the Oilers, there was plenty of news and noise surrounding the team’s first trip to the Stanley Cup Final in 18 years, and one such question revolved around their ability to handle the Panthers’ physicality. Obviously, this is going to be a much more physical series than the one against Dallas, but does that mean the Oilers won’t be able to handle it? It’s not like every series has been a cakewalk. That said, there’s little doubt the Oilers will need to bring their best if we’re going to be heading to a parade a couple of weeks from now.
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