Better Lait Than Never: Stuart Skinner contract reaction episode

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1 year ago
With news breaking this morning that the Oilers had signed Stuart Skinner to a three-year contract extension, I figured I may as well settle into my home studio and bang out a quick reaction episode of the podcast.
For the first couple of months of the year, we’ve been marveling at how well Stuart Skinner has played for this hockey team, and how we’re so lucky to have him while Jack Campbell works on his game. Well, as it turns out, Ken Holland and his staff clearly felt like they needed to show Stu some love for his work as the team announced earlier today that they had signed the local boy to a three-year contract extension that carries a $2.6 million AAV. While many of us were hoping to see Skinner extended sooner or later, I’m not sure that many of us expected a new contract to land this soon. Regardless of the timing, I could not be happier about Skinner’s new deal, which is why I decided to do an emergency episode of Better Lait Than Never to express my happiness. In this quick bonus episode of Better Lait Than Never, I dove into how happy I am for Stu to lock in this deal, what his contract means for the Oilers, and whether or not this deal gives Skinner some leverage down the line.


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