Better Lait Than Never: We’re in Vegas for the start of Round 2

1 year ago
It’s Wednesday, we just landed in Vegas, Game 1 is coming up in a little bit, and we figured it would be the perfect time to crank out an on-location episode of Better Lait Than Never.
I may not have my button bar, Satan voice filter, and normal music, but that doesn’t mean I’m skipping the podcast because I’m in Vegas and pretty damned excited about it. With the Oilers set to kick off the second round against the Golden Knights, Tyler, Jay, and I made our way down for the festivities and the vibes could not be better. To kick off the podcast, we talked a little bit about how the fine folks at AMA Travel saved the day by moving our flights around after the NHL pulled a dink move and changed the schedule for Game 2. For a lot of Oilers fans, this schedule change was a complete disaster and to make it worse, it doesn’t seem like anyone at the NHL really cares. Changing gears, we dove into vibes in Las Vegas after noticing Oilers jerseys popping up everywhere. Whether it was on our plane ride down, cruising the strip, or hitting up the casino floor, there is no doubt that T-Mobile Arena will have a lot more Edmonton fans than we saw in Los Angeles. We also walked through some of the bets we’re putting down for night one and workshopped through a few potential plans now that we’ve got an extra day that we didn’t expect. Needless to say, I love recording episodes of BLTN from the road and I think you’ll be able to hear the excitement quite clearly in this week’s episode.
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