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Edmonton OIlers
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Shane Stevenson
29 days ago
Welcome back to another edition of the Betway Bets of the Day!
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It has been a long road to get here. When Kris Knoblauch said he was going to enjoy the next 10 days after game three I laughed. The feat seemed way too much of a challenge to accomplish – nobody had done what he was preaching in 70+ years. Now, after three games of dominating the Panthers, I’m all in on the belief they are going to win this game seven.
People always ask “if you had to win one game who would you pick to be on your team” – I’m siding with the consensus answer to that question: Connor McDavid can do this.
Our first bet will be to take Connor McDavid to get 2+ points, with odds at -115.
After a game six victory where he didn’t get any points and they still won I think he’s going to come out swinging. There won’t be a proper player on the other team that could truly contain him. Barkov will do his best but it’s more likely McDavid will make his mark with the entire sports world watching.
Our second bet of the day is for Ryan Nugent-Hopkins to score 1+ goals, with odds at +240.
Certain players score big goals in big games. Not everyone has what it takes – they double clutch, shoot high or wide, aren’t on their horses enough to keep up etc. One player this run that’s always scored the big goal when they need it most has been RNH. The longest-serving Oiler scoring in the biggest game of his career? I say he does it.
Our third bet of the day will be for the Edmonton Oilers to win outright on the moneyline, with odds at -115.
Enjoy the moment. Feel the emotions and live in the moment. The excitement and anticipation the generation of fans that can prior won’t shut up about is what you get to live right now. Enjoy – and if they win party like you’ve never partied before.
*Odds available at the time of publishing and are subject to change. All suggested bets are for one unit unless otherwise noted.

Shane Stevenson has been a Nation Network contributor for three years. He can be followed on Twitter at @Flash_33.


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