Clips and Quotes: Edmonton Oilers battle back for 6-5 OT win over St. Louis Blues

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Zach Laing
11 months ago
Two points is two points. Final Score: 6-5.
It was far from pretty, but they got it done. (Pinch me, because we’ve been saying this far too much lately). BaggedMilk has the Wrap Up here.

The Clips

The Quotes

Connor McDavid

On the game: “Credit to them, I thought they did a good job adjusting and making it hard on us. They got themselves in the game, but ultimately we hung in there and got two points. It sounds cliche, but that’s really all that matters at the end of the day.”
On the saying ‘you don’t want to critique wins’ and if this game is a different example: “We say never critique a win, but we critique every game. It doesn’t matter the result. I’m sure we’ll go back and figure out what might’ve happened there. Ultimately, we found a way to get a win. I hate to keep saying that, but we can obviously be better in the last 40.”
On firing 10 shots: “Yeah, I had lots of looks at the net tonight and just wasn’t as clean as I like to be around the net. I like the chances are coming.”
Mcdavid on the Blues playing keep-away in overtime: “Teams have different strategies in overtime. They’re a team that obviously wanted to hold onto the puck and create a chance and they ultimately did. The little change caught us off guard and they got a chance, but ultimately we got the puck back and only needed one touch with it.”
On the 2-on-1 with Draisaitl in overtime: “Yeah, Leo and I had a couple of the same looks, just roles reversed in the last overtime where I had the puck and he was driving on his backhand. We talked about it a little bit, and they’re tricky situations. I just tried to get to the net and leo’s such an amazing player. He’s going to get the puck over somehow and he ultimately did and we found a way to put it in.”
On nine straight wins at home: “We wanted this place to be a hard place to play and I guess we’ve done that over the last little stretch and we need to continue to do that.”

Zach Hyman

On noticing anything in themselves when st. Louis was pushing back: “I think it’s important to play with the lead. I think we have to learn how to play properly with leads. I think the la game we’re up 3-1 and it goes to ot, shootout. Then this game up 4-1 and 5-3. So two leads that got away from us. I think it’s important to learn from those. I think early in the season we were playing from behind a lot, and now we’re playing with the lead. We have to protect the lead, we have to play smart. I’m happy we got the two points.
On cleaning up their game ahead of playoffs: “For sure. We’re in a battle playing playoff style hockey now. I think playing against a team like st. Louis who has won a cup, they’re a veteran team, they play hard, they play that playoff-style hockey. Those are games that are good for us, and those are games you have to find a way to win. That’s what we did tonight. As the season goes longer, the refs put their whistles away and you play a little bit and it’s a harder game. Playoffs are around the corner, so we have to be ready for it.”
Hyman on playing 6-5 games, if they need to try to win some games 3-1, 3-2: “I mean, when you’re scoring goals, you’re going to be (putting) in five, six goals like we did tonight, you want to keep the puck out of your net. You’re not going to stop scoring goals but things are going to tighten up. It’s hard to score goals: it’s hard to score goals in the regular season, it’s hard to score goals in the playoffs. We’ve got to be able to play in those tight games, those 2-1, 1-0 games, and we got to play in those 6-5 games Bbecause you do see it sometimes. Not often, but you do in the playoffs. You got to be able to play in tight games.”
Hyman was asked if there’s a direct relation to how good your offence is and how wide open the defence is: “I think we’ve won games 6-1, I’m sure we have. I think it’s he way it opens up. As you wind down, you learn to play playoff-style hockey, you learn not to take certain risks. When the game is out of hand. I think not giving them opportunities is a big thing. Not allowing them to create their own chances is a big thing. I think on a couple we gave them a chance.. They’re a really good team. They’ve got some good players that can make plays and they did.”
On a career-high in goals with games left and if it’s how he envisioned coming to Edmonton: “Yeah, I mean try not to look at the big picture and just take things day by day, but yeah, I wanted to make an impact and help the team win whether it’s scoring goals, or killing penalties. It all matters and all adds up and it’s definitely nice to have a career-high and keep building.”
On McDavid-Draisaitl in overtime: “I played against them a lot last year with the north division, so well aware what they could do. 3-on-3 there’s tons of space and Leo and Connor don’t need much space.”

Jay Woodcroft

On the game: “I’m pleased we found a way to get the two points. First and foremost, that’s the goal heading into each and every night. We found a way to get it done. There’s some sloppy play I think has to get cleaned up. Anytime you score six goals on a team like that, I think that’s a positive sign. Some of the areas we have to focus on are keeping some of them out of our net.”
On the saying ‘you don’t want to critique wins’ and if this game is a different example: “You could in 4-0 and critique little points in the game. For us, it’s not about critique or criticism or pointing fingers at anyone, it’s about finding opportunities within. Your team game where you can improve. Tonight, I thought we were sloppy in some areas and we can get better at that. In the end, it’s a credit to our players for digging in and finding a way to get two points. That’s a goal on a day-in, day-out basis. It’s a results-driven business and our players got the end result today. There’s some opportunities for growth, that’s for certain.”
On if some of the Oilers’ defensive structure has gone away in the last three or four games: “Well I mean I think we’re at the time of year where we’re at, other teams are going to have good moments and make their push as well. I would say today, we gave up five goals against. In the Calgary game, we gave up way too many goals against. The Arizona game we gave up one and the LA game we gave up three. There are lessons to be learned in all of those games and we’re addressing that with our players as we weave our way down the stretch. During this schedule, we want to see growth.”
On the Blues playing keep-away from McDavid and Draisaitl in overtime: “Yeah, that’s what it felt like behind our bench too.”
On McDavid’s 10 shot night: “He had the puck a lot. Certainly, he made some fantastic plays with his shot. He also made some good plays with the puck to set people up. In the end, he was the difference-maker.”
On the McDavid-Draisaitl 2-on-1 looking like Gretzky and Kurri: “I never had the privilege of seeing those guys up close, I have seen them on video, but in today’s day-in-age, I couldn’t think of two players I’d rather have in a two-on-one with the game on the line.”
On bending, not breaking, and when the bending becomes a concern: “Anytime you give up five goals against, you haven’t done what you wanted to do. There’s moments within the game where you can improve. We found a way to get the two points, we’re going to move on. It doesn’t mean we’re burying our heads in the sand to some of the errors that crept into our game. We’ll address them and we’ll work on them in practice.”
On if there were similar mistakes tonight as in the LA game: “I thought tonight we gave up a little too much off the rush. I didn’t think our backcheck was where it needed to be. I thought they got above us at times. I think we can improve around our net. Most of those things I think are correctable. We’re going to continue to work on them.”

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