Clips and Quotes: Edmonton Oilers face elimination after 4-2 game three loss to Colorado Avalanche

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Zach Laing
1 year ago
The Edmonton Oilers are down bad. There’s no other way to put it.
Facing as close to a must-win as can be, the Oilers were only able to put two beyond Pavel Francouz. Now, they face elimination on home ice Monday night.

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Cody Ceci

On the game: “I think we spent a little too much time in the box, but we were right in the game the whole way. Had a chance on the powerplay to go up one and end up giving up one. We were right there, it’s really frustrating, but we’re not going to quit on each other.”
On being down 3-0, the task at hand: “We just said it’s not an ideal spot, but we’re not quitting on each other yet. We’re just going to take it one game at a time. What we’re looking at is next game, and hopefully, we can pull one out and get one in their barn too.”

Evander Kane

On his hit on Kadri: “I was just coming in on the backcheck. Puck went wide, dribbled into the corner. I know he likes to reverse hit and I was just trying to get a bump on him, and that’s really all I did. Unfortunately, he went into the boards awkwardly and hurt his hands, but that was unfortunate.”
On the Oilers previously being able to score at will, what’s changed in the last two games: “I thought tonight we had a lot of pucks at their net, we just couldn’t find those rebounds. You look at all their goals, real lucky bounces at unfortunate times of the game. We gotta find our way to create our own bounces and our own luck and be a little more determined around the net.”
On if it’s Colorado doing something, or the Oilers not doing something that’s keeping them from scoring: “You could say it’s a little bit of both. I think like you said, we had a great start. It’s 1-0. They get a bounce and another one in the second. It’s the way it goes sometimes. We’re down 3-0, we have to take care of game four on Monday night and start from there.”
On the Compher goal, if it shows how tight the margins are: “When you get this deep in the playoffs, you got four good teams left that compete hard each and every shift. We got a powerplay there, we hit a post. We can’t find a rebound, they go the other way and score. The margin of error at this time of year is extremely slim. We’re seeing that first hand.”
On Smith’s performance: “He’s been great. We got to give him some more goal support. He made a couple real big saves there to keep the game a one-goal game late in the third period there. He’s been real good for us.”

Connor McDavid

Mcdavid on being down 3-0 in the series: “Obviously not a great position to be in down three. Series isn’t over, obviously. We got to go one at a time here.”
On the Bouchard post, the Compher goal: “It’s a game of inches. It showed there. It’s an inch on the otherside it’s in, we’re up 3-2 and having a different conversation here. Not a good situation, but not over.”
On the Oilers being unable to score: “They’re a good hockey team, and we keep saying that. They obviously do a lot of good things defensively, and offensively. We’re a good team too and have to find a way to score, we have to find a way to defend as well. I think we all, like Schmiddy said, can go up in our desperation to an all-time high like he said. We go one at a time.”
On if the five-minute kill in the first took wind out of their sails: “I thought the kill did a great job. Absolutely great warriors on the kill getting in the way of some big shots. Obviously, dog hung in there and did a great job for us. I thought it actually gave us a bit of momentum. The tying goal there at the end of the first is a fluky one, and that probably takes a little wind out of the sails. I thought the kill did great.”

Mike Smith

On the game: “It’s playoff hockey. Every play counts and obviously stings to go down 3-0. Saying that, we got to come back in game four and try to win one game and move on from there. Obviously, the desperation level has to be at an all-time high in order to win. At this time of year. It comes from everybody in the room. Just a little bit more and like Connor said, it’s a game of inches, there’s not a lot of space out there. But you just got to give it everything you have for one game.”
On if 43 shots against vs. the Avs is different than 43 shots against vs. Most teams: “I mean, yeah I guess? They’re a good team. They can burn you if you give ’em opportunities. They have good players that are in the conference finals for a reason. They can sting ya. That being said, you have to take it one shot at a time and make saves for your team when there’s opportunities there. Unfortunately tonight, it didn’t happen.”

Jay Woodcroft

On the hill to climb: “I’ll start with tonight’s game. I thought it was a competitive hockey game. Penalty kill was excellent. Some of the goals that went in against us, one goes in off of our stick, one goes in off a blocked shot and lands on someone’s tape and another one where a player comes out of the box where we just hit the post. So those are tough ones but our team competed to the very end. In terms of what we’re going to do, we’re going to process the game, and we’re going to get back at ‘er tomorrow. Our goal is the same as it was today, which is we’ve got to win one hockey game.”
On if/why the Oilers are taking penalties: “No, there’s a penalty discrepancy in the entire series. Tonight we spent more time in the box than we wanted to, that’s for sure.”
On the Kane hit on Kadri, MacKinnon on Draisaitl: “I saw the Mackinnon and Draisaitl because it was right by the bench. I thought that was a slew foot. I haven’t had a chance to review the penalty on Evander Kane yet.”
On the Oilers not being able to score goals: “We scored two goals tonight. We were in a tied hockey game and we hit the post and they went down to the other end and scored on their opportunity.”
On if wind got taken out of the Oilers’ sails with the early penalty kill: “no, I actually thought that the kill we did have with the five-minute kill was a momentum-booster for us. Obviously, you don’t want to be defending for five minutes or whatnot but we handled it great. Our penalty kill was fantastic tonight.”
On Smith: “he made a lot of saves for us. He gave us a chance to win the game tonight for sure.”
On the lineup adjustments, Malone sliding in: “He was a big part of our kill the entire night. He was physical and he had some good shifts. I thought he made a good contribution to our lineup tonight.”
On Russell coming in: “Obviously you know what you’re getting with Kris Russell. He was also good on the penalty kill. He’s fearless, a shot-blocker, that type of thing and we decided to go with seven d tonight and kris drew in.”
On the message heading into tomorrow: “I think we’re going to process the game, like we talked about, we’re going to make a couple of tweaks here and there and we’re coming in with the mindset as we’ve had all year long which is we’ve got to win one hockey game. There are things we can do better but I thought our compete, our try, was there tonight. In the end it came down to one play and they made one extra play and they found the win.”

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