Clips and Quotes: Edmonton Oilers fall in hard-fought 3-2 overtime loss to Colorado Avalanche

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Zach Laing
1 year ago
Hard to argue with getting a point in that one. Final score: 3-2 OT.
That might’ve been one of the Edmonton Oilers’ best performances all year, and it’s a cryin’ shame they couldn’t walk out with two points. Nonetheless, every point matters and this was a big one. BaggedMilk has the Wrap Up.

The Clips

The Quotes

Cody Ceci

On the game: “As a team, we were looking forward to this one. iI was a good challenge for us. We’ve been playing well lately and we thought this would be a good test. We played well, we played hard. I think maybe we took one too many penalties. Other than that, 5×5 I thought we did a pretty good job.”
On the Oilers playing the Avs for the first time in a while: “They’re all great players and they’ve definitely evolved and gotten better over the years. I hadn’t played against them in a couple years. It was good to see how competitive they are and play against them.”
On takeaways from the game, it feeling like a playoff game: “Yeah, I think that’s the way we approached it too. A playoff-style game, just keep it simple and not give up too much. They’re some of the best players in the league. I thought we did a pretty decent job and it was a good test.”
On keeping up with Colorado’s speed: “They’re fun. They have a lot of fast players and they come in waves. It’s a good challenge to see two or three of the best players in the whole league go at it tonight.”
On Mike Smith’s game, what he’s battled through to keep playing at his 40 years old: “It was great to see him compete like he was tonight. at that age, that’s tough to do. He’s a great guy in the room, so it was nice to see him play well and keep us in the game.”

Kailer Yamamoto

On the game: “It was a good game by us. Credit where credit’s due, that’s a really good team over there. They got one more goal than us, but I thought we played one hell of a game. A lot to take away from it.”
On what this game proves of the Oilers: “It just shows we can play with anybody when we’re on our best. I think we got to look at the positives and take that.”
On finishing checks, making it more of an element in his game: “I’m just trying to keep players in front of me. If you get a little bit of body on them, they can’t get to your net as quick as you. Just trying to take the body and play better defensively.”
On if that’s a way the Oilers need to play: “I definitely think so. That’s how we got to play in the playoff. We’re trying to learn how to play like that right now. We got to keep doing it.”
On if he got hit more, or if he hit other guys more: “I’m not too sure (chuckles). Hopefully, I hit more guys, but I got hit quite a bit out there, so I’m not too sure.” (Per Natural Stat Trick, he laid one and took four.)
On spats with Nathan MacKinnon, Mikko Rantanen: “I don’t look at it too much like that. It’s part of the game. I’m trying to get under their skin, they’re trying to get under mine. I think I got under it a little bit, but they got the better of us so I didn’t do a good enough job tonight.”
On the game: “It was a lot of fun. Probably one of the funner games I’ve played in the NHL. It was quick, it was fast, lots of plays being made. It was a good game. Tough we didn’t get the win, but take a lot of positives out of it.”
On his line with Connor McDavid, Evander Kane: “I think we’re just building our chemistry. Kane’s an unbelievable player. He’s a 20-goal scorer in I don’t know how many seasons. McDavid is the best player in the world. It’s pretty easy to read off those guys. Things are clicking.”

Jay Woodcroft

On the game: “I thought it was an excellent hockey game. We were right there, had chances to win it. Went to overtime in a three-on-three situation and we had a player lose a helmet, overskated a puck and it ended up in the back of our net. I’m proud of how we competed tonight. We had a lot of really good efforts. There were a lot of good hockey players out there.”
On Yamamoto’s game: “He refused to be deterred by anything tonight. He’s not the biggest man in the world, but he plays with a ton of heart and is a big reason why we got a point in a tough building.”
On Yamamoto getting under the Avs’ skin: “He is a smaller player, but he’s got a big trunk to him. He’s willing to play inside and has the ability to, when he hits, hit hard. He gets under people’s nerves just through work ethic. He frustrates other teams and other players with his work ethic.”
On Yamamoto toeing the line, if the penalties sometimes come with the style of game: “Yeah, I mean we don’t want to take reaching penalties or anything like that, we want to check with our legs. I had no issues with his game tonight. One of those calls I might have an issue with. I got no issues with Yamo’s game.”
On mike Smith: “He’s given our team a couple really good ones in a row. He’s giving us a chance to win and since he’s recovered from that flu bug, he’s had a lot of time to work on his game and we’re seeing the benefits of that. I thought his puckhandling was a major factor in us breaking out and only giving up 16 5×5 shots against tonight.”
On the Oilers’ game: “I thought we were dialled in and I was pleased with the way we competed. Like I said, I don’t think we gave up a 5×5 goal tonight. The first two goals that went in went off people’s bodies. Those things happen in hockey. We’re right there against the team that’s leading the NHL in points in a tough building. Happy that we got a point and we’re going to get on a plane, we’re going to refuel and we’re going to get ready for another tough game tomorrow night against a very game Dallas Stars team.”
On if the Oilers’ confidence is growing: “What I think we’re doing is establishing a way that we want to play. We’re not perfect, mistakes get made, but on the whole. I think we’re adhering to principles in our game I think will set us up for success down the stretch run and into the playoffs.”
On acquiring Brett Kulak, Derick Brassard: “First on William Lagesson, I remember him going back to development camps in jasper, a long, long time. My first year as a head coach in the American Hockey League, William Lagesson was one of our best players. competed very hard. I think it’s a success for our drafting and developing that we’re able to produce a player. He was used in a trade to get another player, so that’s a success for that department. We wish William well. That said, with Kulak coming in, we’re excited to have him. He’s had a very good year. His ‘what-have-you-done-for-us-file’ over the last couple months is pretty good. We’re excited to welcome him into our fold, and also Derick Brassard, welcome him into our fold as someone with a lot of playoff experience. I know in talking to him today, he was very excited about joining our team down the stretch.”
Woodcroft said neither Kulak nor Brassard will join the team in Dallas Tuesday: “We’re a fairly healthy team here and we’re going to fly both of those guys straight to Edmonton.”

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