Clips and Quotes: Edmonton Oilers fall in skills competition to Colorado Avalanche 2-1

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Zach Laing
9 months ago
I hate the shootout. Final Score: 2-1 OT.
Absolute robbery. I will not be taking questions at this time. I hate the shootout.

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Connor McDavid

On if this was a statement game: “I thought we played a good game, obviously didn’t like the loss. I thought we should’ve found a way to get two, but only found a way to get one. Always disappointing that way, but there’s a lot of things to like in that one.”
On the overtime: “Yeah, lots of looks. Four-on-three’s are tough. I think they’re one of the harder powerplays, but I thought we had a lot of good looks, just couldn’t find a way to bang one home.”
On playing for one another: “We’re scratching and clawing to get in, that’s all we’re doing. It’s a dog-fight to get a playoff spot, and we’re just trying to find a way to get in.”
On it being a patient, playoff style game: “It was a playoff-style game, not a ton of chances going either way. I liked how we stuck with and hung in there against a good team and found a way to get a point.”
On playing for one another: “We’re scratching and clawing to get in, that’s all we’re doing. It’s a dog-fight to get a playoff spot, and we’re just trying to find a way to get in.”

Mikko Koskinen

On the game, how he felt: “I felt good. The team played really well in front of me and it makes my job pretty easy. The play kind of came. There wasn’t too many chances and I really like how we played tonight.”
On he and Smith being at the top of their game: “I just try to focus one game at a time. When it’s my turn to play, I’m going to play as well as possible. Mike has been playing really well lately and I think it’s a positive thing two goalies are playing well.”

Jay Woodcroft

On the game: “I thought it was a very exciting game for our fans. As a coach standing behind our players, you saw everyone lay it on the line and compete at a very high level. We got an important point out of that game. We wanted two. We lost the skills competition in the shootout. We had chances to win that game, and I’m proud of the effort our players put forth. That was a playoff-like feel to that game.”
On if he felt the team played up to the game: “Yes, I did. I thought our team played very hard. It’s unfortunate we couldn’t just keep playing hockey. It felt like a playoff game, and in a playoff game there are no shootouts. You play until you find a winner. It was a tough way for us to end that one, but I’m proud of the effort. There’s a lot of good in that game we’re going to have to build on it as we move down the stretch here.”
On what he was happy to see: “First of all, I thought we had all four lines going. I didn’t have to look for players. We’ve had that down the stretch, we’ve been playing some good hockey here. I thought we committed to playing a certain style of hockey that’s conducive to the hockey that’s going to get played in the month of may. We’re conditioning ourselves in that kind of atmosphere, that kind of environment. I thought the goaltending was excellent, I thought our penalty kill was excellent, I thought our sacrificing for our teammates was excellent. In the end, I really enjoyed watching our players compete extremely hard for one another.”
On managing the goaltending down the stretch: “I think they’re both going to play important games down the stretch here. It’s a good luxury for a coaching staff to have: two veteran goalies who are playing at a high level.”
On players knowing what’s on the line in certain games: “I think we’re in the ‘find a way’ time of year, and it’s the players’ time of year. We’re preparing our players, but when we close the gate, the players are the ones who decide the games. Like I said earlier, the players our players competed for one another was fun to watch.”
On what he’s seen change in the Edmonton Oilers since their 9-5 loss to calgary: “I would say in our run here, I wouldn’t even go back to two weeks. 12-2-2 in our last 16 games is a credit to the work our players are putting in. They’re finding ways. We’re very lucky we do have good players, players who care for each other and they lay it on the line like this, like you saw tonight.”
On McDavid’s game, his point-streak ending: “He was excellent tonight. I thought a lot of the defensive plays he made in our own end were top-notch. He was a threat every time he was on the ice. He found a way to help our team get an important point.”

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