Clips and Quotes: Edmonton Oilers implode in 5-3 loss to Dallas Stars

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Zach Laing
1 year ago
Well, that wasn’t very fun now was it? Final score: 5-3.
Blech. Despite sloppy penalties and some weak goals against, i thought the Oilers played a good game. Alas…
BaggedMilk has the Wrap Up here.

The Clips

The Quotes

Darnell Nurse

On seeing the game turn so quickly: “We’re been pretty good at those all year, so we don’t want to lose it that quick. We learn from it, move on. Big points coming up.”
On being unable to seal the game, the 24-second breakdown, what he looks back on: “Like I said, we’ve been pretty good in those situations all year. When you’re up one with five minutes left, you have to find a way to get points and we didn’t tonight. We find a way to regroup and not let it happen again.”
On the Stars’ push, quick goals: “That’s the swings of the game. It was a good building in there, good atmosphere. They made a couple good plays. They had good players make good plays in big moments, and we were unable to shut ’em down.”
On the 19-game stretch to the playoffs: “We’re pushing for a spot in the playoffs and go from there. We made two good additions to our team and I’m looking forward to having them in the lineup as well. These are 19 big ones for us.”
On the mental battle of the game: “It was hard-fought. Like you said there was a lot of swings in the game. When there’s five mintutes left and you’re up one, you can’t put yourself in those situations where your goalie has got to make saves in the situations we did. Koski played huge for us and we got to be better for him in front of him, especially at the end of the game there.”

Leon Draisaitl

On what he made of the craziness in the game: “I thought it was a good game. Obviously, we could’ve been a little sharper on those plays at the end there, but desperation level is high for a lot of teams right now, so just a couple mistakes that can’t happen. All in all, I thought it was a pretty solid effort again.”
On how quickly they fell apart and if there’s a way to slow it down: “Like I said, it’s two mistakes that with good teams we’re playing against right now, that’s in the back of your need. We can be better in that area. we know that. That’s something we can improve.”
On not being able to put the game away offensively or defensively: “Both. Probably could’ve scored on that powerplay and been sharper on the goals against.”

Jay Woodcroft

On the quick goals, momentum swings: “I think it’s two good hockey teams that traded punch for punch. It’s disappointing the way it ended for us. Obviously we’d like to have that last six minutes or so left back. Not our finest hour in that last six minutes. We’re going to have to learn from it and move on.”
On what he saw at the end of the game: “There’s some individual errors that lead to those goals, and then there’s some teams things structure-wise we got away from. I think if you look at some of them, I would say some of them came from fatigue error. That’s no excuse. We can be better. Part of the reason you have a structure in place is to protect you in times like that. Like I said, we’re going to learn from that experience and move on.”
On needing a powerplay goal when they were already up one: “It would’ve been nice. It didn’t happen for us, we had a few chances, but it wasn’t clicking at the rate it has been over the last two weeks or so. We felt over the last couple weeks it’s been pretty dangerous. it didn’t go in for us tonight. it’s not like anyone wasn’t trying. we had time in zone and a couple chances. it just didn’t go in for us tonight.”
On if it felt like an uphill battle at time: “I don’t think there’s frustration. We’re disappointed we didn’t walk out of here with points, but these are the types of games we should expect as we head down the stretch here. Nobody is giving points away, especially the teams fighting for playoff spots. They’re punching back when they’re down and for us, I think there’s a few moments in today’s game that ended up being big moments I think we can handle better. We’re going to have to learn from it, we’re going to have to learn from it fast so we set ourselves up here down the stretch.”
On the 19-game stretch to the playoffs: “I think we’ve played really good hockey here over the last month when you put things in perspective. We wanted the result tonight, we didn’t get it. We’ve done a lot of really good things over this last month or so. I think the needle is pointed in the right direction, and we have a few new people we need to integrate into what we’re trying to do. We’re keeping, as I’ve said right from day one, we’re keeping our concentration on the days business. What does that mean for us? We’re going to get on a plane, we’re going to get back late at night in Edmonton. We’re going to rest up, refuel, introduce a few new bodies and take on the San Jose Sharks.”

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