Edmonton Oilers forward Connor McDavid becomes sixth player to score 150 points in a season

Photo credit:© Perry Nelson-USA TODAY Sports
By Woz
1 year ago
Connor McDavid has scored his 150th point of the season. Let that sink in for a minute. An Edmonton Oiler, not named Wayne Gretzky has scored 150 points in our lifetime.
He is one of six players in NHL history to reach the milestone. It’s a moment to remember from Warren Foegele, as well, who will be able to tell his future grandchildren that he assisted on McDavid’s historic goal. Unfortunately, James Reimer can’t say the same as he’ll be on highlight reels for years, with McDavid scoring on the goaltender to reach point 150.
150 points in a season, something so crazy it almost seemed impossible, especially in the salary cap era. But for Connor McDavid, it was just another remarkable chapter in his story. It’s easy to get comfortable with what McDavid is doing. You see him putting point after point each game. Rarely having a night where he’s not on the scoresheet. You get used to it. But if we take a step back and realize we’re witnessing an iconic season from 97. This isn’t normal, even if scoring has gone up in the NHL. His teammate Leon Draisaitl is behind him with 123 points. After that, it’s Nikita Kucherov with 108, just around where the top scorers in the early 2010s would finish their seasons.
Let’s go back to 2010 for a minute. In the 2010-2011 season, after 69 games played, Jordan Eberle led the Oilers that season with 43 points. Behind him was Taylor Hall with 42 points. If you told me back in 2010 that an Oilers player would score 150 points again one day, there’s no way I would’ve believed you. Now of course you can also say that roads led to Connor McDavid. That all those years when players on the Edmonton Oilers could barely crack 70 points, would result in arguably the greatest player of all time. And yes, I’m putting him in the GOAT conversation. Because based on what McDavid’s done and how he plays the games, there’s no way you can deny it.
We’re witnessing a master at work. A genius level of display from Connor McDavid. And of course, we have to mention the elite company he has joined of Bernie Nicholls, Phil Esposito, Steve Yzerman, Mario Lemieux and Wayne Gretzky. Pretty awesome to think now that two players have reached this remarkable milestone in Oilers silks. We all know McDavid only has goal on his mind, the Stanley Cup. But for now, he’s firmly established himself as greatest player in modern hockey.

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