Edmonton Oilers players and coaches react to Connor McDavid scoring 60-goals

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By Woz
1 year ago
It was a game worth staying up to watch as Connor McDavid dramatically hit the 60-goal plateau Wednesday night. He became the first Edmonton Oiler to score 60 since Wayne Gretzky 1986-87 and it wouldn’t have been a goal to remember without a sweet dish from Leon Draisaitl. McDavid’s teammates and coaching staff had much to say after another milestone achieved by 97.
Some of the following quotes were transcribed by The Athletic’s Daniel Nugent-Bowman and shared via Twitter.

Jay Woodcroft

“He has an unbelievable desire to add layers to his game. The goals he’s scoring now are much different from the ones he scored earlier in his career. That’s part of his evolution as a player. He’s not somebody who stands still as a player and relies on old habits or pathways. He’s constantly searching for new ways to do things. He’s someone who pushes and that’s what the best do and he’s certainly the best player in the world.”
Woodcroft always has a way with words and a lot of what he said about Connor can be used as motivation for anyone. Think about it, Connor McDavid who is by far the best player in the NHL continues to hone his craft and find ways to get better. Apply that mentality to any profession and you can reach for the skies.
“It’s insatiable. It’s what gets him up in the morning. It’s what he dedicates his life to. … Every moment in his day is geared to being the best he can be. We’re in the NHL and a lot of players do this. But this is the best player in the world. He takes that to a different degree”
Point proven once again by the head coach. Not only does McDavid improve his game, he takes it to another level.

Leon Draisaitl

“I told him in the summer. There’s no reason why he can’t. He’s so special. He creates so many opportunities for himself. He has enough looks to get there. I’m very happy for him. I’m proud of him.”
Leon Draisaitl on what he told Connor he can score 60 this past summer. Okay now Leon say this but “I think now he needs to lift the Stanley Cup”
“It’s pretty special. It’s pretty hard to score in this league. To score 60 in a season and still have 10 games to go is pretty remarkable. He’s just a special player.”
To note, Connor McDavid has scored 12 goals in his last 12 games. Now the question begins, can he reach 70 with 10 games remaining?!
“No, it’s all right. He’s got me back so many times. It’s what we do. It’s all good.”
Leon on if Connor owes him dinner after those passes in overtime. Draisaitl last night also proving why he was voted the best passer in the league.

Connor McDavid

“Not very happy I missed the first one but you know Leo made two unbelievable plays there.”
In his post-game interview with Gene Principe, McDavid could only think of one man, Leon Draisaitl.
“The goal is to get into the playoffs and go on a deep run and, that’s the goal, you know obviously, that’s what we’re still trying to do here and we’re building something. You know 10 games left to put ourselves in a good spot, here heading into you know when the real games count.”
For Connor McDavid, winning is the ultimate goal as we’ve come to learn. Goals are just side-quests at this point for him.
“60 is a nice number You know, you know a lot of other great players have scored 60 goals before and it’s cool to join that list.”
When asked about hitting 60 goals by Gene Principe
“We skated a little bit together in the summer. He was back and forth between Europe and the Toronto area. … He’s mentioned that a few times and I kind of just laughed it off. So, it’s pretty cool to get there.”
Connor on when Leon was mentioning 60 goals to him.

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