Oilers release 2023-24 pre-season schedule

Photo credit:Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports
9 months ago
If you’re starting to get antsy about watching some hockey, the Edmonton Oilers have some good news for you as the team released its pre-season schedule for the 2023-24 NHL season. And if you’re a fan of tune-up games that seem to drag on forever then this year’s pre-season is for you.
Listen, I’m not going to lie, seeing the Oilers’ pre-season schedule come out was an exciting bit of news to kick off my afternoon until I realized that we’ll have to sit through eight snoozers before games start to mean anything. I know that OEG wants to make some extra cash by maximizing how many games they’ll get before the season kicks off for real, but having eight on the slate is about six too many for my liking and I really wish they’d cap this at five games. Regardless of my own complaints about the length of the pre-season, the most important news today is that we officially have Oilers games on the calendar and that’s what matters most right now.
The 2022-23 pre-season schedule:
  • September 24th vs. Winnipeg Jets
  • September 25 @ Winnipeg Jets
  • September 27 vs. Vancouver Canucks
  • September 29 @ Calgary Flames
  • September @ Vancouver Canucks
  • October 2 @ Seattle Kraken
  • October 4 vs. Calgary Flames
  • October 6 vs. Seattle Kraken
And there you have it. In 93 days from the time you read this post, the Oilers — or at least prospects wearing Edmonton’s colours — will be on the ice and gearing up for a brand new season. Again, even though I’m sure that we can all agree that playing eight pre-season games is a little bit heavier than we’d probably like, what I’m focusing on is that we’re just over three months away from the boys’ next chance at winning the Stanley Cup. Is the pre-season boring? Absolutely. Am I excited about knowing when the Oilers kick off the next season? You’re damned right I am. Goilers.

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