Edmonton Oilers release 2023-24 regular season schedule

Photo credit:Perry Nelson-USA TODAY Sports
Aleena Aksenchuk
9 months ago
After wrapping up yet another exciting year of hockey action, the Edmonton Oilers have released their 2023-24 regular season schedule.
The Oilers will kick off the 2023-24 season and head to Vancouver to play the Canucks on Oct. 11th before heading back to Alberta soil for the home opener against the same team on Oct. 14th at Rogers Place.
This season will include the Oilers hosting the Heritage Classic on Sunday Oct. 29th at Commonwealth Stadium in what will be the first Battle of Alberta of the year. The Oilers will also take on the Flames on Jan. 20th in Calgary, then back to Edmonton on Feb 24th, with their final matchup of the regular season on April 6th in Calgary.
Fans will get the opportunity to see soon-to-be first overall draft Connor Bedard pick show off their skills when the Blackhawks take on the Oilers at Rogers Place on Dec. 12th and Jan. 25th.
The Oilers will have rematches against the Stanley Cup Champions the Vegas Golden Knights on Nov. 28th and April 10th in Edmonton and will head to Sin City on Feb. 6th.
Edmonton will finish the regular season with back-to-back games on the road against the Arizona Coyotes on April 17th and Colorado Avalanche on April 18th.
  • 11th @ Vancouver Canucks
  • 14th vs Vancouver Cancuks
  • 17th @ Nashville Predators
  • 19th @ Philadelphia Flyers
  • 21st vs Winnipeg Jets
  • 24th @ Minnesota Wild
  • 26th vs New York Rangers
  • 29th vs Calgary Flames
  • 2nd vs Dallas Stars
  • 4th vs Nashville Predators
  • 6th @ Vancouver Canucks
  • 9th @ San Jose Sharks
  • 11th @ Seattle Kraken
  • 13th vs New York Islanders
  • 15th vs Seattle Kraken
  • 18th @ Tampa Bay Lightning
  • 20th @ Florida Panthers
  • 22nd @ Carolina Hurricanes
  • 24th @ Washington Capitals
  • 26th vs Anaheim Ducks
  • 28th vs Vegas Golden Knights
  • 30th @ Winnipeg Jets
  • 6th vs Carolina Hurricanes
  • 8th vs Minnesota Wild
  • 10th vs New Jersey Devils
  • 12th vs Chicago Blackhawks
  • 14th vs Tampa Bay Lightning
  • 16th vs Florida Panthers
  • 19th @ New York Islanders
  • 21st @ New Jersey Devils
  • 22nd @ New York Rangers
  • 28th @ San Jose Sharks
  • 30th @ Los Angeles Kings
  • 31st @ Anaheim Ducks
  • 2nd vs Philadelphia Flyers
  • 6th vs Ottawa Senators
  • 9th @ Chicago Blackhawks
  • 11th @ Detroit Red Wings
  • 13th @ Montreal Canadiens
  • 16th vs Toronto Maple Leafs
  • 18th vs Seattle Kraken
  • 20th @ Calgary Flames
  • 23rd vs Columbus Blue Jackets
  • 25th vs Chicago Blackhawks
  • 27th vs Nashville Predators
  • 6th @ Vegas Golden Knights
  • 9th @ Anaheim Ducks
  • 10th @Los Angeles Kings
  • 13th vs Detroit Red Wings
  • 15th @ St. Louis Blues
  • 17th @ Dallas Stars
  • 19th @ Arizona Coyotes
  • 21st vs Boston Bruins
  • 23rd vs Minnesota Wild
  • 24th vs Calgary Flames
  • 26th vs Los Angeles Kings
  • 28th vs St. Louis Blues
  • 2nd @ Seattle Kraken
  • 3rd vs Pittsburgh Penguins
  • 5th @ Boston Bruins
  • 7th @ Columbus Blue Jackets
  • 9th @ Buffalo Sabres
  • 10th @ Pittsburgh Penguins
  • 13th vs Washington Capitals
  • 16th vs Colorado Avalanche
  • 19th vs Montreal Canadiens
  • 21st vs Buffalo Sabres
  • 23rd @ Toronto Maple Leafs
  • 24th @ Ottawa Senators
  • 26th @ Winnipeg Jets
  • 28th vs Los Angeles Kings
  • 30th vs Anaheim Ducks
  • 1st @ St. Louis Blues
  • 3rd @ Dallas Stars
  • 5th vs Colorado Avalanche
  • 6th @ Calgary Flames
  • 10th vs Vegas Golden Knights
  • 12th vs Arizona Coyotes
  • 13th vs Vancouver Canucks
  • 15th vs San Jose Sharks
  • 17th @ Arizona Coyotes
  • 18th @ Colorado Avalanche

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