Evander Kane goes to Disneyland with Cecily Rose

11 months ago
If you’re looking for a feel good story for the day, I present you with another chapter in the wonderful friendship between Evander Kane and Cecily Eklund. The two have been having all kinds of adventures together throughout the off-season, and this time around, Cecily posted a bunch of pictures on her Instagram account from what looked like a great day at Disneyland with the Edmonton Oilers forward.
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For those who may not know, Kane met Cecily during an Oilers game this past season when he found out about the 10-year-old’s fight with brain cancer. When the duo first met up, Kane was out of the lineup with the wrist injury he sustained against the Tampa Bay Lightning, and having that extra time on his hands while he was recovering provided the perfect opportunity to form a new friendship.
“We got introduced in the press box and then she gave me a couple of puppies that she was selling off during the raffles,” Kane told CTV. “She gifted them to my kids and I thought that was very sweet.”
Earlier this summer, Cecily put together a bucket list for herself that included all kinds of activities from attending the Elks home opener to racing cars, and Evander Kane has been right there beside her while she checks them off. This time around, the pair made their way to Disneyland where Cecily has been documenting the adventure on her Instagram account. And based on what the pics and videos are looking like, Cecily and Evander are having an absolute blast.
Cecily was diagnosed with brain cancer, but rather than letting the disease bring her down, she’s been raising money for the Ben Stelter Fund while also fighting hard in her own battle.  On her fundraising page, Cecily describes her love of giving back and how it was her relationship with Ben Stelter that inspired her to give back:
“My name is Cecily and I’m 10 years old, and I too am a brain tumour warrior. As a warrior myself, I know what it means to Fight Like a Kid, and kids shouldn’t have to fight so hard.
The Ben Stelter Fund is special to me. I am friends with Ben’s sisters and I see how much they love him and what a big heart Ben had. Ben got to have incredible experiences and that is something we have in common. Magical experiences are something that mean a lot to me. When you have the chance to do something fun instead of just hard things, it helps heal your heart. The Ben Stelter Fund is going to help kids fighting cancer have some magical experiences, and I can’t imagine anything more important. I have spent the past two years since my diagnosis raising money for kids with cancer, and have raised over $175,000. I have a big dream to raise as much as I can!”
So far, she has raised over $175,000 and has no plans of stopping any time soon. When asked about her willingness to give back, Kane said, “That type of hard work and effort to help provide funds for kids like herself is incredible. I think she deserves so much credit and I think this is going to be a friendship that we have forever.”
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What I love most about seeing the pictures and video of these two together is that the friendship that started months ago in the press box doesn’t seem to be slowing down. Quite honestly, I love seeing the time that Kane is spending with Cecily and that he’s using the platform he has to make a difference in her life. Whether it’s attending her birthday party, allowing her family to stay at his house when she has treatments, or cruising on the ‘It’s a Small World’ ride together at Disneyland, Evander and Cecily have become quite the pair and I’m very much looking forward to seeing where they end up next.
If you’re interested in finding out more information about her charity drive or are looking to help out yourself, you can get all of the details on her fundraising page.

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