Risky Business: Do it for Coach Garlic

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8 months ago
Risky Business is brought to you by NHL odds site Betway!
To say that we had an eventful weekend in Seattle would be the understatement of a lifetime. Not only did we see a win on Saturday night, but we also got to see Jay Woodcroft’s last game with the Oilers. It was a weird feeling to wake up to on Sunday morning, ya know? Allowing the guy who put the team together to fire the coach for disastrous goaltending makes little sense at all. Why Ken Holland was allowed to be involved in this decision and then fumble his way through the press conference is beyond me, but I’ve cheered for the Edmonton Oilers my whole life, so I shouldn’t be surprised to watch this gong show. Our own feelings about the last couple of days aside, tonight marks the beginning of the Chris Knoblauch era, and I certainly don’t begrudge the guy for taking a dream job. And since teams often get a dead cat bounce when a new coach comes in, I’m diving in head first.
If you’re following along at home, the odds I’m using for my game day betting articles all season come from Betway. Here’s what I’m putting down against the New York Islanders.

Player Prop:

Ryan Nugent-Hopkins over 2.5 shots at +125. My $5 bet would return $11.25.

Easy Money:

First period over 1.5 goals at -145. My $5 bet would return $8.44.

Risky Business:

Oilers puck line at +145. My $5 bet would return $12.25.

Can’t Miss Parlay:

Oilers to win and over 5.5 total goals at +140. My $5 bet would return $12.00.


Last Game

Here’s what I bet against Seattle:
  • Connor McDavid to score at +100.
  • Oilers over 33 shots at -134.
  • Oilers puck line at +190.
  • Oilers to win and over 5.5 goals at +162.
And there you have it, friends. Now you know what I’m betting on and how I did last game. As always, I put one unit down on each bet. Hit me up in the comments section to let me know what you’re looking at against the Islanders.
It’s also worth noting that betting lines move throughout the day, so that may be the reason why what’s listed above doesn’t match what’s on Betway when you put together your own bets.

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