LYHB: The Origin Story

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Kennedy Burgardt
11 months ago
Leon You Hot Bitch is an inside joke many of my fellow Nation citizens have come to enjoy throughout the 21/22 season. It started in late 2018 within my hockey group chat that included people from all over the world that loved being silly about the oilers as much as I did. 
We used the phrase consistently as Draisaitl began climbing the point totals and making it our way of celebrating him.
And so, when you have an inside joke, photoshop, and access to the internet anything is possible.
The 2021-2022 season began and a few weeks after the home opener I remembered I had photoshopped a Sportsnet graphic to say “Leon You Hot Bitch” and had tweeted it after Leon had scored.
5 games into the season he already had 11 points, including 4 goals.
and after posting that original meme. I began to get tweets asking for more after every time Leon had scored.
Traction grew from there and I started to have fun with it. Including the phrase into random images I found throughout the internet.
I had to start making them by the bundles as Draisaitl was scoring if not once, twice every game.
It was quickly becoming a brand that I cherished so much, that I had to stay up on current trends to meme.
As the season began to come to a close we all waited for Leon to hit the impressive 50-goal mark. and I knew I had to do something BIG.
With the help of my ON fam and Nation Gear we dropped this iconic tee.
All 50 images I put together
I Attended #NationVacation in Nashville and got to see a Drai Hatty! (cue me scrambling in the seats to make memes cause I was not prepared)
I think the most surreal point was standing outside the Hall of Fame room after a game where the players would be interviewed and as Draisaitl was being interviewed one of the 50 people out there yelled “Leon you hot bitch” (and no it was not me)… But the fun did not stop there!
Playoffs had begun so the trend continued.
Even confused Cruz FM with one of my edits
Being the fan I am of our Dutchland Dangler it’s near and dear to my heart that this trend popped off so well. It was an honour and a privilege to create these memes throughout the 2021-2022 season.
We’ll see what happens in the 2022-2023 season, but forever and always please remember Leon is a Hot Bitch.
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