Nation Real Life Episode 390 – Would You Rather Live in the Past or Future?

Zach Laing
1 year ago
This week’s episode got off to a weird start as Yaremchuk asked the guys whether or not they’d rather spend a day 100 years in the past or 100 years in the future?
That conversation ended up leading them down countless other paths like how Chalmers enjoyed seeing ‘Hamilton’ live, how duels used to work, what the sport of hockey could look like 100 years from now, and how technology could change. There was a lot going on and not a lot of it was at all related to our beloved Edmonton Oilers.
Yaremchuk opened up about how his house renovations have been going and Chalmers ripped him for a mistake he made while laying down new floors, Wanye shared a gruesome encounter he had with a coyote, and Jay taught Tyler what pocket pool is! There was a lot going on.
They did eventually lead to some Oilers talk as they discussed Auston Matthews winning the Hart Trophy over Connor McDavid. There were also a few writers that left #97 completely off their ballot and Wanye wanted to challenge THEM to a duel. They also took a quick look at the Stanley Cup Finals and the controversial call that happened last night between the Lightning and the Avalanche.

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