Nation Thoughts: Can the Edmonton Oilers win the Pacific Divison?

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Liam Horrobin
9 months ago
It was not long ago that some fans were talking about the possibility of the Edmonton Oilers missing the 2023 Stanley Cup playoffs. Today, they sit one point back of the Vegas Golden Knights for first place in the Pacific Division.
What changed? Well, this recent run for the Oilers has elevated them rapidly up the standings. Since a shocking performance against the Los Angeles Kings on January 9th, they have changed their destiny with nine wins in eleven games but also picking up points in their two losses versus the Columbus Blue Jackets and Philadelphia Flyers.
It has been an impressive turnaround for the Oilers, but what does it end with after 82 games? Can they win the Pacific Division or do they need to add more before the deadline to achieve that?
The Darnell Nurse hate is strong in this one! I would argue without Nurse the Oilers would be much worse off. Hate that take if you must but you all know I am correct.
Bananas are the key ingredient in this opinion. I always have two before the games begin and I feel much more prepared for the action. Perhaps this is something the Oilers should incorporate into their pre-game rituals.
Rusty has a great point! The other teams in the Pacific Division seem to be coming down to earth. Meanwhile, the Oilers’ game continues to grow.
The Kulak take is intriguing. The other day on Oilersnation Everyday, Daniel Nugent-Bowman said that the Oilers need to find somebody better than Kulak. He wasn’t suggesting that he has been bad just that a player of that level should be the minimum bar.
It feels like the general opinion is that the Edmonton Oilers have the ability to win the Pacific Division. However, people still want to see this roster upgraded, which is completely fair. Will it be? I think so, but I am not sure how much.
I don’t think the Oilers will go out and acquire Erik Karlsson, which was reported during the Ottawa game, but I could see them snapping up some depth pieces. At the moment, this roster is playing at likely its peak. During this stretch, they have beaten the Seattle Kraken, Vegas Golden Knights, and Tampa Bay Lightning. It is likely that the Oilers could face all three of those teams in the playoffs. Yes, the schedule has been a little softer but you still have to win those games. Everyone wants to give them heck when they lose against bad teams but nobody wants to give them credit when they win.
Anyways, back to the initial question.
Yes, I do believe the Oilers can win the Pacific Division. The key is going to be beating their divisional opponents. Still remaining on the schedule this season are the Seattle Kraken, San Jose Sharks (three), Vegas Golden Knights (twice), LA Kings (twice), and Anaheim Ducks (twice). You have to go better than .500 in those games and likely win your game against Seattle and at least one versus Vegas and LA.
Let me know what you think. Do you think the Edmonton Oilers can win the Pacific Division?

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