Nation Thoughts: What would you give up for Erik Karlsson?

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Liam Horrobin
9 months ago
The rumour mill is in full effect in Oil Country with just over a month until the NHL’s trade deadline. Edmonton has been linked with every man and his dog, but this week the biggest prize of them has had his name join the silly season gossip.
Erik Karlsson, who is on pace for a career year in San Jose, has been rumoured to be a target for Ken Holland. Supposedly, the Oilers are now in the market for a puck-moving defenceman even though they have a few on the roster already Tyson Barrie, Evan Bouchard, and Darnell Nurse. However, there is no denying that Karlsson is on another level compared to what the Oilers have in their locker room.
Now, there are a few hoops the Oilers have to jump through in order to acquire the former Norris Trophy winner. The biggest, and most important, one is the cap. How are the Oilers going to afford his $11.5 million AAV for the next three seasons, after this one? Additionally, who would they move out to?
I left you to answer those questions for this week’s Nation Thoughts. So with that, I ask you, what would you pay for Erik Karlsson?
Opinions are split on the acquisition of Erik Karlsson. There is one thing that I think we can all agree on though, and that’s we would all love to have a Karlsson on the Oilers roster. Of course, the biggest obstacle in the way is the cap.
It is very likely that if the Oilers traded for Karlsson, Tyson Barrie would need to go the other way. His $4.5 million for one more year puts a big dent in the Karlsson cap hit. He is also a piece San Jose might be able to move along and recoup more assets for.
Additionally, Ken Holland might need to add a $3 million forward. That could be one of Kailer Yamamoto, Jesse Puljujarvi, or Warren Foegele. I feel like Puljujarvi has the most value believe it or not. He is still young, he’s an RFA at the end of the season and he is rarely hurt. When you look at Yamamoto or Foegele, they both have some injury history and another year left on their deals.
The money has been dealt with, so now what? Well, you might need a third team to take some money but who is going to take money on for four more years? Maybe if it is only $1.5 million or so you could make it work. Also, you will likely have to add a first and then a prospect they like.
The final piece that seems to be in everybody’s deal is Evan Bouchard. However, he is not in my deal. Why would the Oilers want to move on from him? I get it. He is had a tough year and people are frustrated but let’s not forget that he is only 23 years old. Along with that, if the Oilers acquired Karlsson and moved out both Barrie and Bouchard their right side gets significantly weaker. I understand that Vincent Descharnais has been good but if you think he is the solution to moving out of Bouchard then you are wrong.
If the Oilers want to make this happen then they somehow need to have Karlsson’s money down to $7 or $8 million, which will not be easy to do. I understand having Karlsson on this team would be amazing, but is it worth it? He would be the Oilers’ only move at the deadline and he does not guarantee a Stanley Cup.
If the price for Patrick Kane is a 2nd rounder and prospect then that is a direction I would be going. Then I’d go look for a cheaper offensive defenseman.
Let me know what you think, should the Edmonton Oilers acquire Erik Karlsson? If yes, leave your trade proposal in the comments.


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