#NationVacation Diaries presented by AMA Travel: The Viewing Party

10 months ago
Every time we come down to Vegas for a Nation Vacation thanks to our friends at AMA Travel, we always try to throw a watch party for the game leading up to the main event at T-Mobile, and last night’s viewing party at Tom’s Watch Bar for the matchup against the Sharks was an absolute blast. Not only did the boys win the hockey game, but we packed the place with Oilers fans and had the time of our lives.
Listen, it’s not hard to have a great time in Las Vegas but there’s something extra special about the times we’re able to get together in a new location. As much as I love the parties back home, having a night with a bunch of Oilers fans in party mode before spilling out onto the Vegas strip is a whole other animal entirely. And last night, we let loose. Long before the puck dropped, there were Oilers fans all over the strip and I just knew that the watch party was going to be a blast, and as Tom’s Watch Bar started to fill up in the hour leading up to the game, you saw how much of a presence we had down here. Not only was our group of 50 locked in and ready to go, but seeing everyone else that filtered in because they saw the posts on social media was truly remarkable. There were literally hundreds of us in that bar. Hundreds. And we were all fired up to watch the boys play.
Bar packed with more blue and orange than any other colour, the ingredients were in place to blow the roof off the place if the Oilers could come up with a win, and boy did they ever. And when Connor McDavid opened the scoring with a goal we all felt was coming, Tom’s Watch Bar erupted with energy and the vibes only got better and better as the game wore on. It was the kind of tone-setter that we were hoping for when we put this trip together, and the fantastic Nation Citizens in attendance only made it that much more incredible. To be a part of that group felt fantastic and I couldn’t be happier with the way things turned out.
From the amazing Nation Citizens that flew down with us on Thursday night to the long list of Oilers fans that were already down here and wanted to meet up, we packed the place with orange and blue and spent the night drinking, chanting, and telling stories. While some of the memories are foggy this morning, I wouldn’t change a thing because it was the kind of get-together that can only happen in a new environment with amazing people that showed up ready to roll. We all knew today would be rough but it didn’t matter — we’re vacationing and dammit that means we’re living the party rock lifestyle LMFAO championed back in 2007.
At the end of the day, events like last night are the reason we put on these #NationVacations and I can’t say thank you enough to everyone that joined us and contributed to a fantastic night. From all of us at Oilersnation, thank you. That was so much fun and I can’t wait to see where the rest of our trip takes us.

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