New Oilers acquisitions Adam Henrique and Sam Carrick set to debut with jersey numbers revealed

Nation World HQ
1 month ago
In a move just two days before the NHL Trade Deadline, the Edmonton Oilers have shaken up their roster by acquiring Adam Henrique and Sam Carrick from the Anaheim Ducks. With their debut game looming against the Columbus Blue Jackets on March 7th, Oilers fans are buzzing with excitement as they anticipate the impact these new additions will have on the team’s playoff push.
One of the burning questions on everyone’s mind is, of course, what jersey numbers will these freshly minted Oilers be donning as they hit the ice for the first time? Well, wonder no more, as the Oilers have unveiled the numbers for Henrique and Carrick. If you’re looking to re-crest an old sweater or even find something to honour our new friends, we now know who will be wearing what.
Adam Henrique, the veteran center (though he’ll be playing on the wing tonight) with a knack for clutch goals, will be sporting the number 19 jersey last worn by Devin Shore. Known for his versatility and leadership qualities, Henrique brings a wealth of experience to the Oilers’ lineup, and his presence is expected to bolster the team’s depth down the middle or on the wing.
Meanwhile, Sam Carrick, a gritty forward with a nose for the net and tenacity to spare, will be lacing up with the number 39 — Alex Chiasson’s old number — emblazoned on his back. Carrick’s hard-nosed style of play and ability to chip in offensively make him a valuable addition to the Oilers’ forward corps, adding another player with grit into a lineup that needs some.
Both Henrique and Carrick arrive in Edmonton with high expectations, and their debut against the Blue Jackets promises to be an exciting affair for both players who went from playing on a bottom-feeding squad to one with Stanley Cup aspirations. Oilers fans will be eager to see how they mesh with their new teammates and contribute to the team’s success down the stretch.
As the Oilers gear up for the final stretch of the regular season and a push towards the playoffs, the addition of Henrique and Carrick injects a fresh sense of optimism and excitement into the team and its fanbase. With their jersey numbers now revealed, all eyes will be on these new Oilers as they take to the ice in Columbus, ready to make their mark in Edmonton blue and orange.

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