Oilersnation Betway Bets of the Day — Taking advantage of a mispriced shot prop

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Zach Laing
6 months ago
Welcome back to another edition of the Betway Bets of the Day!
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Our first bet of the day will be taking Jake Guentzel to take o2.5 shots on goal. These odds sit at -163.
Jake Guentzel has always been a volume shooter and has hit a new level over the last two seasons. Between 2021-22 and 2022-23, he averaged 3.29 shots on goal, a number well above his career average of 2.77.
While we’ve seen that increase, we’ve also seen Guentzel enjoy playing against the Washington Capitals in the past scoring 14 goals and 26 points in 23 games. He’s taken 69 shots on goal, too, for an average of 3 per game cashing this prop in 14 games.


Our second bet of the day will be taking Alexander Ovechkin to take o3.5 shots on goal. These odds sit at -138 and will be a two-unit play.
Talk about a misprice.
Truthfully, there’s never a night where Alexander Ovechkin’s shot prop line should be lower than 4.5. He’s one of the highest-volume shooters in the entire NHL, and over his entire career, averaged 4.72 shots on goal per game. He’s averaged just a hair above that against the Penguins, averaging 4.75 per game across his 72 played against them, and has cashed this prop in 49 of those games for a 68 percent hit rate.
Needless to say, this is a rock-solid spot for Ovechkin tonight as he continues on his quest to be the NHL’s all-time leading goal scorer.
Record: 5-1 (+1.52u, +21..71% ROI)
*Odds at the time of publishing. Odds subject to change. All suggested bets are for one unit unless otherwise noted.

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