Oilersnation Radio: Celebrating the Year of Nuge and dissecting the Pacific Division standings

10 months ago
The Oilers are winners of six games in a row and the Pacific Division could still be in sight, which means we’ve got plenty to talk about on the Friday episode of Oilersnation Radio. This week, we’re talking about Ryan Nugent-Hopkins’ 100th point, the six-game win streak, Jack Campbell’s bounce back week, and a whole lot more.
To kick off the Friday episode of Oilersnation Radio, we got started with a look at who would be the Edmonton Oilers’ MVP if we took Connor McDavid out of the equation. Seeing as there are a bunch of guys having great years, the options for who could be named Edmonton’s most valuable player are actually pretty varied if you take Connor off the list. Changing gears, we looked at Ryan Nugent-Hopkins hitting the 100-point plateau and how this was a milestone that every single Oilers fan was cheering for and ultimately thrilled to see him get there. Sticking with milestones, we then looked at Connor McDavid being only two points away from hitting 150 points in a single season. And since he’s likely to hit that milestone over the next game or two, we spent a few minutes discussing how ridiculous it is that this guy just seems to get better and better by the shift. Lastly, we wrapped up the Friday episode of ONR with a look at the Pacific Division standings as they’ve gotten extremely tight with only a handful of games left to play. While it seems like the Oilers are going to square off against the Kings for a second straight year, that’s by no means set in stone and it will be incredibly interesting to see how the standings shape up over the next week or so.
Listen to the Friday episode of ON Radio below:
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