Oilersnation Radio Episode 142 – The Oilers Offseason Wishlist Starts a Fight

2 years ago
Happy Friday, everybody! With the offseason upon us and plenty of work to do to improve the roster, we’re back with a brand new episode of Oilersnation Radio to get you set for the weekend and make sense of everything that’s happened over the last seven days. On this week’s show, we’re looking at the offseason wishlist, buyouts, the NHL playoffs, and a whole lot more.
Kicking off this week’s episode, we got started with a look at which player would be the number one realistic target on our wishlist if we could make anything happen. Somehow this conversation turned into a wild argument as none of us could agree on who the Oilers should chase or even what position could use an upgrade. Needless to say, the Giant Question of the week got a little bit spicier than any of us would have expected as some very clear lines in the sand were drawn. Do we have to overspend for free agents? Trades? Despite the defence playing reasonably well in the playoffs is there room for improvement? Next up, we checked in on the Mark Scheifele situation in Winnipeg and whether or not his hit on Jake Evans was as bad as many folks thought and if the four-game suspension was merited. We also looked at the series between the Habs and Jets and expressed our surprise and bewilderment that there are actually penalties being called when that was not at all the case in round one. Finally, we wrapped off this week’s show with an extended version of Hot and Cold performers as none of us could really keep things on the rails for more than a few seconds.
Listen to this week’s podcast below:
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