Oilersnation Radio: Preparing for game two versus the Vegas Golden Knights

Liam Horrobin
11 months ago
The Edmonton Oilers dropped game one versus the Vegas Golden Knights 6-4, meaning they have not won a game one since beating the Anaheim Ducks in 2017. Today’s Oilersnation Radio was a packed one with the usual cast along with Jay Downton, who joined with Baggedmilk and Tyler Yaremchuk from Vegas.
To kick off the podcast, they dove into what adjustments the Oilers need to make heading into game two on Saturday with the Delicious Debate. Many of the guys opted to go with a lineup approach while Jay went in a different direction. Does the goaltending need to change? Do they need more from their offensive stars? They discussed it all on the episode.
Following the delicious debate, they broke down what the Oilers lineup could potentially look like as the team took to the ice in Vegas during the show. With that, the most common name floating around the city right now is Vincent Desharnais and if he should stay in the lineup. Everyone gave their thoughts on Vinny’s recent play and what the future could look like for him for the remainder of the postseason.
They then wrapped up the show with Ask The Idiots and Hot and Cold performers.
Listen to the Friday episode of ON Radio below:
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