Oilersnation Radio: The All-Star Break is long and painful, but we’re talking Oilers anyway

9 months ago
The Oilers extended their winning streak to six games with a big win over the Canucks on Saturday, which means we had plenty to talk about on the brand new Tuesday episode of Oilersnation Radio. On today’s show, we’re talking silly szn, Matt, and a whole lot more.
To kick off this week’s Tuesday podcast, we got started with a look at the Bo Horvat trade and whether or not the return will impact what the Oilers are able to do a few weeks from now. Seeing as the cost of acquisition was less than many of us expected, we wondered if that means the Oilers will be able to snag some help for a lower price than we thought. Changing gears, we spent the next few minutes talking about the Jasper Pond Hockey Tournament and how it was an experience that every hockey fan needs to have under their belt. Getting back to our beloved Edmonton Oilers, we looked at what’s going to happen to the roster when Yamamoto returns now that he’s back practicing with the boys. As you’ll hear, the room was split on what we think is going to happen but whether or not we match up with what the Oilers are thinking remains to be seen. Lastly, we wrapped up the Tuesday episode of Oilersnation Radio with another riveting round of Word Association in honour of Tyler even though he was getting prepped for his trip to the All-Star Game.
Listen to the Tuesday episode of ON Radio below:
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