Oilersnation Radio: The Stretch Drive, Jack Campbell, and first impressions of the new guys

8 months ago
The trade deadline has come and gone, and the roster is set for a playoff push, which means we had plenty to talk about on the brand new Tuesday episode of Oilersnation Radio. On today’s show, we’re looking at Jack Campbell’s struggles, how much Woodcroft should play Stuart Skinner, and a whole lot more
To kick off this week’s Tuesday podcast, we got started with a look at the new guys and what are our first impressions of both Mattias Ekholm and Nick Bjugstad. As you’ll hear, we’re all pretty pumped with both of the new guys and it’s almost bizarre to hear that some folks are still unhappy. From there, we looked at what’s been going on with Jack Campbell. It goes without saying that Soup is struggling, and seeing as he’s not getting traded or bought out, what is the answer for how many games he’ll play between now and the end of the season? Next up, we looked at the playoff math to try and figure out what the Oilers need to get done over the stretch run to ensure that they’re not only in the playoffs but also in a position to succeed. During that conversation, we also looked at the Western Conference and whether there are any teams that can stand in Edmonton’s way. Lastly, we wrapped up the Tuesday episode of Oilersnation Radio with another riveting round of Word Association to keep our creative juices flowing.
Listen to the Tuesday episode of ON Radio below:
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