Oilersnation Radio: Time to bounceback against Chicago

Liam Horrobin
10 months ago
The Edmonton Oilers six-game win streak came to an end on Wednesday night against the Columbus Blue Jackets, the last-placed team in the NHL. Despite the way they played, the Oilers did manage to take a loser point with them putting a bigger gap between themselves and the Calgary Flames and also edging closer to the Los Angeles Kings. The boys gave their thoughts on that loss and if the Oilers can bounce back tomorrow night against the Chicago Blackhawks.
Unfortunately, there was no Baggedmilk on today’s show, but the rest of the cast was around. After addressing the Oilers games, they dove into the idea of playing 11 and 7 rather than 12 and 6, and why Jay Woodcroft may prefer the 11 and 7 approach. Along with that, like they do every Friday, they answer some fan questions during Ask The Idiots and closed the show with hot and cold performers.
Listen to the Tuesday episode of ON Radio below:
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