Oilersnation Radio: When can we say the Oilers are back?

6 months ago
It’s Friday afternoon, the Oilers are on a three-game win streak, which means a lot to discuss as we try to figure out whether or not the boys are back.
Kicking off the Friday episode of ONR, we started with a delicious debate about our thoughts on the first two games of the Kris Knoblauch era. While the two results have been fantastic, we were not ready to suggest the Oilers played their best hockey. Regardless of both games ending in wins, we wondered how much of that can be attributed to Kris Knoblauch. Is it fair to expect him to change much after only two games? Changing gears, we looked at Wednesday’s win over the Seattle Kraken. There’s little doubt that the game was anything but perfect, but the good news is that the team found a way to win it anyway. It was one of those comebacks that you love to see, but the greater hope is that battling back in that way was something they can build upon. Obviously, you’d prefer that the boys didn’t fall back by a pair of goals in the second period, but the good news was that they were able to claw their way back with a natural hat trick by Evander Kane. Lastly, we closed out the Friday episode of Oilersnation Radio with another round of Ask the Idiots, Kennedy’s Quotes Game, and Hot and Cold performers to wrap up the week.
Listen to the Friday episode of Oilersnation Radio below:
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