Questions for Quinn: Calling all Insta models

Quinn Phillips
1 year ago
What are the most ‘instagrammable’ spots at Rogers Place?
This one is for all the Instagram models, of which I am NOT! I’m going to give you my thoughts on the three most ‘instagrammable’ spots at Rogers Place. These are in no particular order.
  1. Any of the grandiose walls with decals of players past and present. The one thing about Rogers that is so great is the big walls that stretch from the main concourse all the way to the ceiling. It really has a grand feel to it and there’s opportunity for really interesting angles to make the photo look cool. It’s also a chance to show scale of how big the building is with a wide photo and the model is nice and tiny.
  2. The plaza. While it’s still under construction there’s so many really cool angles that you can use at the plaza just outside Rogers Place. I love on game days when it’s all lit up with colour lights, and the two towers give it such a really big city feel. That’s where the image on this article is, and I think you can see all the different things you can do there, even without a whole ton of light.. and hit that 0.5 on your iPhone and you get that fisheye wide view. Ooooo baby!
  3. Ford Hall. While I’ve tried many times to get the photos of the hanging lights over the windows, that doesn’t really work. Instead, target the public art that we’re so lucky to have there. The mosaic in the floor is absolutely incredible, so full of colour and history. Sometimes I think we forget about it, because we’re lining up to get in to Rogers Place…but just imagine waiting until the crowds die down and getting a shot with the mosaic, along with some of the fans, the ceiling and perhaps even the lights in the windows. That said, if you could also catch a sunset on the west side of the building where the windows are it could be pretty incredible. Or, have your friend go in, and take something from Studio 99; it would take a lot of work but imagine how cool that would look from up above!
There’s a lot of ways to get creative and really show off the impressive lines that is Rogers Place. That certainly is one thing about the building, it gives you a lot of opportunity if you want to take it!
This was a bit of a different one, but I’m still looking for your questions, so please hit me up with anything… it certainly doesn’t have to be Instagram. I’m on Twitter @QJPhillips, or leave a comment here.

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